District Court - Health Problems, Women

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Vivi Sury, Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Jerusalem District Court


Translation: Marganit W.


Another confused Palestinian woman, who walked to the gory Qalandiya Checkpoint, was shot, and is now being tried


Jahan Hashima, 35, from Issawiya. She has three children with special needs.

Her attorney, Ibrahim Abu Ghosh, states that she has mental issues and requests the court to have her observed.

After giving births, Jahan was treated with psychotic medication and she is still suffering from mental illness.

Her mother claims that she was on her way to buy flour and presumably got confused when she arrived at the checkpoints, which did not prevent the security forces from shooting her. She was taken to Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus and then to the Shabak [GSS] Hospital at Ramleh.

Currently, she is held at Damon Prison.

She came to court on crutches.


Judge:  Rafi Carmel.

At the attorney’s request, the hearing was postponed to 26.3.17.


The same judge presided over the hearing of Amani Hashim, who is represented by Atty. Haldon Najam.


Amani’s story is weird and painful. She is a 31-year old woman from Beit Hanina, mother of two. She is about to finish her M.A at Al-Quds University and is already enrolled in a Ph.D. program.


On 13.12.16 she drove her car to Qalandiya Checkpoint where a soldier ordered her to stop. She stayed in the car, but according to the indictment, when the soldier approached her, she accelerated and injured him slightly. Amani is accused of “Severe intentional terrorist act” in accordance with the new anti-terror law of November 2016, which is much harsher than previous laws.


Her attorney complained of missing material: CD recording of interrogation. He has the transcript but it is inaccurate.

The judge said the charges require that the case be tried before a panel presided by him.

The attorney reminded the court that the defendant is kept at Damon Prison but was not brought to court directly from there: she had to leave Damon 2 days before the hearing and spend the night at Sharon Prison, with no food, blankets or shower.

Consequently, the next hearing was set for Tue. 14.3.17 at 9 AM (not Sunday or Monday) which would eliminate the need to take her out of Damon already on Thursday.