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אורנית, מהצד הזה של הגדר


Debts for Fines Imposed on Palestinians
One of the difficulties Palestinians face is the fines imposed on them by Israeli authorities, which they can hardly afford. Such fines are for traffic violations and criminal court cases in addition to other kinds of punishment.
We must keep in mind that unemployment runs high in the Occupied Territories and income from work is extremely low. Fines and costs that would be considered “reasonable” inside Israel are practically unaffordable for a Palestinian.
This results in debtors being placed on the “police blacklist”, namely: people whom police debts prevent from entering Israel.
Machsomwatch members try to help these Palestinians arrange their debts optimally in order to avoid this absurd vicious circle: since they are not allowed into Israel to work, they cannot afford to even begin paying their debts, and since they cannot pay their debts, they cannot obtain permits to enter Israel for work purposes.