Ofer - Administrative Detention, Appeal

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Vivi Sury, Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Ramadan, Oppressive Heat and Ofer – a Cruel Combination


Not many people showed up today, but this makes no difference: each person is an entire world, and each story adds information about Palestinian life under occupation.


A woman I know approached me: her daughter was in prison once. Alarmed, I asked if the daughter had been arrested again. No, but the woman has two sons in prison: one has been there for 12 years and she cannot obtain a permit to visit him.

Today an appeals hearing was scheduled for the administrative detention of the other son.


Most hearings we attended today were of Palestinians caught staying illegally in Israel. Once again, we heard the heartrending phrase: “We only want to bring food for our family.”


Two juvenile detaineesinfo-icon were admitted, so we were not allowed to attend the hearing. We noticed that no family members were present in court. Maybe the kids were arrested the day before and the families have not yet been informed. I lack the words to describe the look in those kids’ eyes when they see no family members around.


Someone from Tul-Karem came for the hearing of his son and brought his pregnant daughter in law with. The father told us that his son had a valid work permit until 2.6.17. It is not clear why the permit has no been renewed, but on 3.6.17, the son tried to cross the checkpoint at Qalandiya with other workers, and they were all arrested.

Thus, many men brave the heat, the Ramadan fast, the threat of arrests and fines only because they “need to bring food for their families,” as they told us and the judge.