Ofer - Administrative Detention, Detention until conclusion of proceedings

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Nitza Aminov (reporting)

The mountain begot a mouse

Today began the hearing of Khalida Jarrar, who was a member of the Palestinian legislative assembly for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Khalida Jarrar is a lawyer with a Master’s degree in human rights and democracy.

This is not her first arrest: on 2.4.15 she was put under administrative detention. Two weeks later, on 15.4.15 she was indicted for charges relating to her political activity. In December of that year a plea bargain was reached, which included 15 months of prison time, probation and a 10,000 shekel fine.

On 2.7.17 she was arrested again; this time her administrative detention was extended 4 times. Khalida Jarrar was released on 28.2.19.

On 31.7.19, soldiers came to her house and arrested her again. She spent two weeks at Sharon Prison under harsh conditions. She was transported for interrogation in the notorious black Mariah on many occasions, then was moved to Damoun Prison.

Despite a gag order, the SHABAK [GSS] made public information about the “politician turned terrorist”.

Today, the judge presiding over the case was Major Sebastian Ossovsky.

The defense was Atty. Mahmoud Hassan.


As I mentioned earlier, the “mountain begot a mouse” i.e., the indictment contained only one clause: “holding a position in an unlawful organization” from 3.6.2016 until her arrest. “The accused was in charge of the national and political activity of the ‘Popular Front’ and served as liaison with the Palestinian Authority and other organizations.”


The judge issued an order for her arrest until the conclusion of the proceedings.

The next hearing was set for 5.2.20.

The main problem is the probation from the 2015 plea bargain.


Khalida’s husband Ghassan and her daughter Suha managed to have a very emotional exchange with her.

The hearing was also attended by journalists from” Haaretz”, “Walla”, “972”, and a photographer from Channel 11, as well as two activists.


I recommend reading Addameer’s account on Israel violating the gag order.