Ofer - Administrative Detention, Incitement

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Tamar Goldschmidt, Aya Kaniuk, Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


The harassment of human rights activists continues. This time the target is Ayman Nasser, legal coordinator for Addameer organization.


On 7.9.18 at 2 AM soldiers broke into the house of Ayman Nasser, 48, gathered the family in one room, and after an extensive search, took Nasser with them. This is his third arrest.

In 2014 he was kept under administrative detention for more than a year.

Ayman Nasser has an MA from Al Kuds University and serves as head of Handale Center at Safa. He was also one of the founders of the center, which offers educational activities, sports and arts – all on purely volunteer basis.


The remand extension hearing took place before Judge Lieut. Col. Ami Navon.

Defense: Attys. Belal Naamane and Mahmoud Hassan.


The prosecutor requested a 72-hour extension to consider issuing an administrative detention order.

Atty. Hassan argued that after 4 days in detention the prosecution had enough time to transfer the case to the Regional Commander for an order.

As expected, the judge acceded to the prosecution’s request and ordered a 72-hour remand extension.


Let me remind you of the case of the case of Salah Hamouri, an Addameer researcher, arrested on 23.8.17. Hamouri is a French-Palestinian, married to a French citizen. He was in prison for 7 years, and then was released as part of the Shalit Deal in 2011. Even after his release he was forbidden from leaving Palestine, whereas his wife was barred from entering Palestine.

Today Hamouri is under administrative detention. On 27.7.18 his detention was extended for the third time, for 4 additional months.


Judge: Lieut. Col. Avri Einhorn

Detainee: Ali Dar Ali

Attorney: Haled Al-Araj


Dar Ali is a television and print journalist. For years he has been reporting tirelessly about what goes on in Palestine. Sometimes, when no photographer is available, he takes pictures himself, and posts them live on facebook with his reports.


Dar Ali was arrested on 15.8.18 on charges of ‘incitement’. It has to do with two  posts he shared (not written by him!). What caused the prosecution to freak out was the fact that Ali’s account has 245,000 followers.

A plea bargain was presented which stipulated jail time coinciding with time served – i.e., 40 days and a 2500-shekel fine.

There is no agreement without a fine.


For some reason, there was a recess before the protocol was issued. Atty. Al-Araj insisted on giving the family a voucher so they could pay the fine and have Ali released.


We do not know what else was in the plea bargain; presumably probation.