Ofer - Administrative Detention, Providing Shelter

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Vivi Sury, Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


The yard was full of people named Barghouti


Judge: Major Kamal Zaharaldin


Remand extension in the case of

Muatassem Barghouti and Ihab Barghouti, brothers who are also cousins of Aassem Barghouti (who had a summary hearing earlier in the morning, ending with remand extension until 15.4.19).


The brothers are represented by Attorney Akram Samara.


The two are accused of offering shelter to Issam Barghouti. They reject the allegations, so the case is now  referred to evidentiary hearing on 27.5.19.


Several family members were present in court, including Souhir Barghouti, Aassem’s mother. Souhir had been accused and imprisoned for the same charge. Today she is free on bail. Her husband, Omar Barghouti is under administrative detention and is scheduled to be released this month.


We spoke to people in the yard and found out that there are dozens of prisoners from the village of Kubar whose name is Barghouti – even before the attacks on Ofra (8.12.18) and Givat Assaf (13.12.19). The house of Souhir and her son had already been demolished. It seems that as far as Israel is concerned, the entire village should disappear.


In Wikipedia we read that many members of the family are terrorists. However, the site also had to mention that many others are prominent figures in Palestinian literature and politics.