Ofer - Appeal, Barred (from meeting with attorney)

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Vivi Sury, Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Dr. Wadad Albargouti


Dr. Wadad Albargouti is a lecturer in communication at Beir Zeit University.


On 1.9.19 a military force raided her house and arrested her. Her husband was bitten by a dog. In the yard at Ofer, he showed us his bite wounds.


Following her arrest, Dr. Albargouti was taken to Sharon Prison, where until 16.9.19 she was kept in a solitary cell, adjacent to criminal detaineesinfo-icon.


Atty. Mahmoud Hassan managed to get her an alternative to imprisonment, and the prosecution promptly appealed. He appealed the appeal, and a week later received a reply:

Dr. Albargouti was released under these outrageous conditions: 40,000-shekel deposit, displacement to a residence in Zone C and disconnection from the internet.


Dr. Albargouti’s two sons have been under Shabac [GSS] interrogation for a month and they are barred from meeting with attorneys. One son is at the Russian Compound and the other is in Ashkelon. It is obvious that her arrest is an attempt to put pressure on the sons.


Dr. Albargouti is not a well woman. We know that at Sharon Prison she received only some of the medications she needs on a daily basis. Her medical condition, and her worry about her sons, were evident during the long hours she and her family waited in the yard. Many people sought to talk to her, among them old students of her.


After waiting for many hours, around 3 PM, there was a short hearing in front of Judge Major Noam Brimann.


Atty. Hassan mentioned that a first reading of the indictment had already taken place, and asked to postpone the hearing to 29.10.19.

Eventually, a hearing about the draconian conditions of her detention was set for 6.10.19.

As in many cases where there is nothing to charge the detainee with, the authorities rummaged in Dr. Albargouti’s Facebook, and found a poem she had written [Dr. Albargouti is also a writer]. And so she is accused of sedition.