Ofer - Appeal, Holding and trading of combat materiel

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Vivi Sury, Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Two weeks ago we reported on the remand extension hearing of Amal Saad.

(See report)


At the end of that hearing Amal and her husband told the court how their son and daughter had tried to visit Amal in prison, but were prevented from entering. The judge suggested that for the next hearing, the son, 15 years old, would come to court with a birth certificate so he could see his mother.

The father brought his son, who was left in the yard until the session was over. Only after intervention by the judge and attorneys was the son finally allowed in.

The encounter was heartrending. The son looked stunned and could not utter a word. Amal spoke to him and the father urged him to answer, but the boy could not talk, as tears streamed down his face.


Judge: Major Lidor Drachman.

The defense attorney has been changed and Amal is now represented by Mahmoud Hassan.


In her decision the judge stated that the indictment against Amal includes serious violations, among them: contact with the enemy, possession and manufacturing of firearms etc.

Thus the judge decided on a remand extension until 13.12.17.


Outside the courtroom we met Atty. Haya Abu-Varda who came to appeal a decision on the release on bail of Abdulla Abu Rahmah. The court had decided to release him on 10,000-shekel bail.

The prosecution waited until the last minute to appeal.

We learned later that the appeal was approved and Abdullah’s trial was set for 7.12.17.


In the courtyard we had conversations with many parents of minor detaineesinfo-icon. A father told us of his 6th grader, who was arrested by soldiers on leaving school, charged with throwing rocks. It is the usual story of soldiers showing up when school lets out in order to create provocations. The boy had to pay a fine of 3000 shekels, after spending three days in jail. The first option was 2000 shekels and 12 days in jail, but the father preferred to have his son released earlier. A few days later the army came in the middle of the night and took another son, also a minor.


Again we met people from Beit Ummar, the village that has seen daily raids and arrests. It is not clear how many inhabitants are currently in jail.