Ofer - Appeal, Membership/activity in unauthorized association

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Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


The Shabak’s vindictiveness


On 1.7.16 there was a terrorist attack on a car going on Rte. 60. Michael Mark was killed in the incident. The army imposed an unusual (this is the official language) closureinfo-icon on the entire Hebron precinct and other punitive actions were announced. On 27.7.16 the leader of the unit was arrested. The Shabak [GSS] claims that Muhammad Fakia was the ringleader. He was located at the village of Surif. The house was shelled, a raid was conducted and eventually the house was bulldozed. Since that day, the Shabak has arrested anyone belonging to the extended Fakia family.

I see this as an act of revenge because the forces were unable to prevent the attack. On 12.7.16 Muhammad’s sister was arrested. For two weeks she was interrogated at Ashkelon Prison. Part of the time she was barred from seeing counsel.


Justice Lieut. Col. Shlomo Katz conducted the hearing. The prosecution requested a 7-day remand extension.


Tagrid Jabara Ahmad Fakiat – ID 975083536

Atty. Mahmoud Hassan represents Tagrid.

Tagrid is 44 years old, a housewife with 6 children with no prior arrest. She was not involved in any activity.

Atty. Hassan explains that Tagrid had no knowledge of the attack, or of the suspicions against her brother. It was Ramadan, so he showed up one evening for Iftar meal. After all, it took the Shabak itself some time to figure out that Muhammad was involved.

Tagrid’s hearing took place in the late afternoon, and afterwards she was taken for further interrogation. The prosecutor and Atty. Hassan agreed that she should be interrogated about the allegation of abetting a wanted man.

Tagrid has already met 12 times with Shabak interrogators and has given 4 statements to the police.


The judge examined the secret material (there is always secret material) and decided on a 3-day remand extension, until 4.8.16.


On 4.8.16 I spoke with Atty. Hassan and learnt that another remand extension was given, until 8.8.16.


In the many hours we waited for the hearing, I spoke to Tagrid’s sister and her husband. Her sister Fatima lives in Ramallah and works for the Palestinian ministry of Education and Culture. She is finishing her PhD in physiology, but now she is barred from travelling to Jordan for her exams.

We heard about the many arrests of family members, both close and distant, and about the 5 year old who keeps asking, Where’s mom?


Atty. Fadi Qwasme appealed the continued detention of

Benan Mahmoud Ahmad Mafarje – ID  859224686

Benan was arrested at Beit Lakiya checkpoint and will probably be charged with membership in Kutla Islamiya [student association of Hamas]. As always, there are all sorts of incriminators, but since there was no police lineup, some of them spoke of Biyan Mafarje.

Atty. Qawasme reported that the Palestinian ministry of the interior had been contacted and it turns out that there are several women named both Benan and Biyan.

In addition, the attorney and the family claim that Benan is not a student, so how can she be charged with membership in the students’ association?


The presiding judge was Colonel Netanel Benishou who has not yet handed down his decision.