Ofer - Assault of soldier/policeman, Holding and trading of combat materiel

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Ivonne Mansbach, Hava Halevi (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Courtroom 4

Judge: Sebastian Osovsky


There’s a high stack of files on the judge’s desk: 8 are of “possession and trading in combat materiel”; 2 of “other hostile terrorist acts” and the rest of throwing objects, incendiary or otherwise.


Yihya Mahmoud Abd Al-Kader Alhadoor – ID 851215491

Defense: Atty. Ahlam Haddad


Yihya Alhaoor is 45 years old, and has several children.


The indictment states: “other hostile terrorist act.” Meaning what exactly?

Yihya took his family on a picnic. He had a hunting rifle with one bullet.

The indictment says: “About 2 months prior to his arrest he found a lethal hunting rifle. He went to the Judean desert with the weapon and fired in the air.”


The defense reached a plea agreement: Yihya got 2 months jail time (ending tomorrow), 12 months suspended sentence or 3 month in jail. Upon release  he has to pay a 3000-shekel fine. There is great inconsistency between the light sentence and the heavy fine.

The judge, who earlier had showed interest in the detainee’s life, warned him: If you like hunting, think of the 12 months suspended sentence and give up your hobby.

When asked if he has anything to say, Yihya said that he only wanted to spend the holiday with his family.


Underage boy, about 15 or 16.

Defense: Nissim Shamir.


Charge: leaving the area without a permit.

How? Why? Where? Nowhere: he was arrested at home, because there in his home he resides illegally.

This case exemplifies how the protracted occupation destroys the humanity (and the brain) of the occupier. How can a man stay illegally in his own home? Because Israel has erected a separation wall which left the youngster’s home on the left side of the wall, i.e., in Israel. The entire family, children and adults, whether they sleep, grow tomatoes, play, pray, go to school or write poetry, do so while staying illegally in their place.

All the members of the family have repeatedly been detained, released on bail, and then arrested again. Their fines bankroll the occupation.

Atty. Shamir has appealed to the Civil Administrationinfo-icon, to the Coordinator, to the courts, to the Supreme Court, to the Ministry of the Interior, but so far to no avail: the fence is still there and the family members pay fines, are released and get arrested again and again.

I have already commented on the shrewdness of this “separation of powers”: each of these authorities by itself cannot change the status of the family; the judge cannot change the supremacy of the Jewish interest over all else.

The solution requires the abolition of the occupation.


Muhammad Nasser Muhammad Taamreh – ID 854082138

Defense: Atty. Akram Samarra


Sentencing hearing.


Muhammad Taamreh is accused of throwing objects. The indictment specifies that he threw rocks at security forces. What exacerbates the case is the fact that during the incident a soldier “broke a leg”. This is intentionally ambiguous: is there a connection between the rocks and the broken leg? Nowhere does it say that Mr. Taamreh broke the soldier’s leg, or that the soldier broke his leg while chasing Taamreh, but the closeness of the two events renders the case more severe.

In addition, Muhammad is accused of throwing a Molotov cocktail.

This is a repeat offence for the detainee. His collaborator received a different penalty (shorter jail time). The judge explains that sentencing is individual: there is no calculus for meting punishment.


Sentence: 12 months jail time, plus 12 months suspended sentence for each violation.


After the sentencing, the accused kissed the attorney. He must have appreciated the good job he had done representing him.