Ofer - Assault of soldier/policeman, Women

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Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Charge: attempted murder with a hair pin (used by Palestinian women for their head scarf)


On 31.12.17 Vivi and I reported on a remand extension hearing of Arij Hushia from Katana. Arij accompanied her 9-year old sister (who has Down Syndrome and other health issues) to an appointment at a hospital in Jerusalem.

At the sight of the soldiers, the sister got frightened and bolted. Arij followed her and an argument with the soldiers ensued: a female soldier ripped Arij’s permit in front of her. Since then Arij has been in jail.


Today she had her hearing before Justice Lieut. Col. Sebastian Ossovsky.

She is represented by Atty. Fadi Qawassme.


The judge asserted that the incident had been filmed, and described it as “low-grade” attack.

Both judge and defense agreed that it was ridiculous to ascribe attempted murder to Arij for holding a hairpin in her hand.

Atty. Qawassme requested postponement since he had been hired to represent Arij only two days earlier.

A memorandum hearing was set for 11.4.18.


Arij’s parents were present. The mother complained about the difficult situation at home: there was nobody to take care of the sick girl.


Arij has been in jail for almost 4 months, all for an incident that could have been resolved on the spot.