Ofer - Danger to Regional Security, Health Problems

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Vivi Sury, Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


“More and more detaineesinfo-icon tell me that they don’t mind accepting a bad plea bargain so long as they don’t have to report to court again. The reason is the torment of riding in the “posta, which takes three days”. – Atty. Muhammad Shaheen.


The quote above was presented more than once to the Supreme Court, in appeals regarding the “posta” (vehicle used to transport detainees from prison to the court – N.A.)


Atty. Abir Bechar from the Legal Clinic for Prisoners’ Rights, Doctors for Human Rights and Adala have petitioned the courts more than once, but so far there is no progress.


Atty. Shaheen, who had spent the day representing numerous detainees, felt helpless and asked us to write about the “posta”. So here we are again, but we know that no change will occur.


In the yard we talked to parents of juvenile detainees. We were told of a 14-year old boy arrested 3 days ago at school.

Arrests are carried out day and night in that camp.


We spoke to the parents of a 16-year old boy who participated in a demonstration in Nabi Saleh. Soldiers arrested him and beat him up. When he was lying on the floor, a soldier accidentally discharged a bullet and hit the boy in the neck. He was taken to Beilinson Hospital in handcuffs, of course.

Yesterday he was transferred to Ofer and had his first hearing.

Another hearing takes place today. Atty. Karin, from Gabi Lasky’s office represents him. She hopes to be able to secure a release, due to his medical condition.


In the evening we called the attorney and found out that the judge did not deem the physical condition too severe, so the boy was not released on bail.

This was no surprise.


17.4.18 was Palestinian Prisoners Day. A-dameer Organization published data that there are 6050 prisoners: 427 of them are under administrative detention, 62 are women and 356 are underage.