Ofer - Detention until conclusion of proceedings, Health Problems

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Translation: Marganit W.


Nitza Aminov (reporting)


One story that includes (almost) everything


On 27.4.16 I reported on Omar, the deaf-mute boy from Beit Fajar.

Today there was an additional hearing in his case.


Judge: Lieut. Col. Shalom Dahan

Prosecutor: Police Officer Kfir Whitman

Defense: Atty. Tariq Bargouth

Detainee: Omar Anwar Omar Tawabte – ID  401511977


The prosecution requested remand extension until the conclusion of the proceedings.

The charge sheet contains one violation: throwing objects during a riot.

The defense repeated an earlier argument: the deaf-mute is known to authorities as a mentally disturbed person.


In his decision the judge voiced anger that earlier recommendations by Justice Sigal Turjeman from 27.4.16 and President Menahem Lieberman from 4.5.16 to have the defendant psychologically examined have not been carried out. He decided to extend the detention by 3 days until 10.5.16 because the defendant poses danger. Before that date Omar must be seen by the district psychiatrist with a sign language interpreter present.


Omar’s mother, who was in court, had very good communication with him. She told me several times that the interpreter does not really understand him. Again, when taken out of court, Omar cried and repeated that he wanted to go home.

As for the title of the report: Before the hearing I spoke at length with Omar’s mother. She told me that the father and one sister are also deaf-mute. The mother is the only one in the family who works, but despite many attempts to keep Omar at home, she is not always successful. When he was small, they wanted him to have a cochlea implant at a Jerusalem hospital, but they could not obtain a permit. Apart from his disability Omar is also mentally challenged, but there are no facilities in Beit Fajar. The mother claims that soldiers show up in schools and other places where children are present. Their presence provokes the youngsters to throw rocks.

Omar, this “highly dangerous” boy was taken from home in the middle of the night, which disturbed and frightened the entire household. The mother stressed that this behavior of the soldiers is routine.

Thus, apart from the cruel arbitrariness of branding dangerous a deaf-mute who followed other kids, you can learn much from the case about the lives of Palestinians under occupation.