Ofer - Detention until conclusion of proceedings, Incitement

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Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


John Brown writes in “Sicha Mekomit” magazine: “Incitement is rampant in the social networks: Israelis wishing all manner of horrible deaths on anyone who is not Jewish has become routine. So how come only Arabs have so far been jailed for posting statuses on Facebook?”


On 13.3.16 a decision was handed down imposing detention until the conclusion of the legal proceedings in the case of

Imad Ahmad Hamed Bargouti – ID 98896579


In an earlier hearing on 6.6.16 (See report) Atty. Jawad Boulos, presented preliminary arguments. He mentioned a military prosecutor, who after having committed a certain deed in the West Bank, published certain things, and yet he is still in office, not to mention rabbis who call on their followers to kill gentiles.

All this made no difference, since any statement against the occupation by a Palestinian is considered incitement.


The prosecution presented a statement by the SHABAC [GSS] arguing that there is a clear causal connection between posts on social media and terrorist attacks.

In Prof. Bargouti’s case, the judge emphasized that here we have a well-known academic who has wide influence. Thus, the judge sees a certain risk here which warrants detention. In addition, the professor presents also a flight risk, because of his place of residence which makes it difficult to summon him for further hearings.


Decision: remand extension until the conclusion of the proceedings.

The next hearing is set for 12.7.16 at 9:30 before Justice Lieut.-Col. Menahem Lieberman.