Ofer - Disturbances (demonstrations), Plea Bargain

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Vivi Sury, Nitza Aminov (reporting)

“You’re accused that in early 2019 you disturbed the public order, masked your face and threw two rocks.”

Judge: Lieut. Col. Rani Amar

Defense: Atty. Muhammad Shaheen

Defendant: Muaman Alamour,

19 years old from Takoa.


As noted above, Muhammad Alamour participated in “disturbing the public order”(euphemism for demonstration), throwing two rocks that caused no damage – apparently thrown from a great distance.

When he was a minor Alamour was arrested and got probation.

This time the plea bargain included a 6-months and a day prison time, and an activation of the previous probation, landing him in prison for 12 months and a day.

In addition, he received a 15-month probation for 3 years and a 3000-shekel fine.


Atty. Bilal Naamana represented two students from Beir-Zeit University: 

Ribhi Hussein and Jamal Issa.


Atty. Naamna told the court that Ribhi Hussein categorically rejects the charges in the indictment.

The hearing of both students was postponed to10.2.20.


Here’s something relating to the Muaman Alamour case:


On Tue., 31.12.19 Haaretz published an excellent article by Amira Hass titled “Jewish Mutation”.

Here’s an excerpt:


“But I know that it’s a law of nature that every persecuted group will rise up against its persecutors. In waves, with lulls, with ups and downs, alone and together. Out of hope or out of despair.

It is permissible and necessary and essential to discuss the wisdom, the feasibility, the efficacy or the morality and the congruence to liberation philosophies of certain acts of resistance and defiance carried out by the persecuted. One can question a particular tactic or reject the use of another, but the very struggle, the very resistance, are not up for discussion. They are self-evident, a law of nature.”