Ofer - Fines, Health Problems

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Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Remand Extensions


The hearing of Seif Ajlouni

Judge: Major Sebastian Osovsky.

Defense: Atty. Nasser Nubani


Seif was screened at a Hebron checkpoint and was discovered carrying a knife.

In court (as well as in his police statement) he claimed that he had shown up with a knife in order to get arrested because of personal issues. The attorney explained that Seif had quarreled with his father. Atty. Nubani claimed that Seif had no criminal intent: he came purposely to be arrested, so the defense requested an alternative to detention.

The judge said that since Seif had hidden the knife and did not state that he wanted to be arrested, he is suspected of terrorist activity; so he ordered remand extension until the end of the proceedings.

Seif has already been in custody since 9.2.18.


The next hearing – arraignment – is set for 10.4.18. In other words, when his trial starts, he will have been detained for two months.

Again we see that remand extension until the end of the proceedings is in itself part of the punishment.


A young man was brought to court whose behavior made it clear that he had no idea what was going on. It transpired later that he was suspected of staying illegally in Israel. I gathered that he entered through a hole in the fence and was arrested on the spot.

This happened on 10.2.18, meaning he has already been in jail for a week. The man is MUTE: he can hear but can’t talk.


A plea bargain was presented that included jail time to coincide with the detention plus a 500 shekel fine. The attorneys tried to explain the deal to him. Asked if he could read, he said no. He did not even know his quadruple name (as required by the court) only his and his father’s name.

The judge said he could go home provided he paid the fine.

The prosecutor reiterated it adding: 500 shekels or a week in jail.

No family member was present in court, and the young man repeatedly tried to explain that he does not have the money.

I was unable later to find out if they waived the fine or sent him to back to jail.


The yard was full of Palestinians who came to attend hearings. When I inquired, they said: traffic.

Another way to steal money from Palestinians.

At the Civil Administrationinfo-icon’s website it says that all the fines go to the welfare of the Palestinian population :-) .