Ofer - Health Problems, Incitement

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Vivi Sury, Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


“You must explain to the judges what’s going on here!”


This is what someone said to me in the late afternoon, having waited for a hearing since morning. An attorney told him that a postponement has been requested. The man felt angry and helpless. Once more, the expectation was that since my friends and I are Israelis, our presence can make a difference. One woman told me that her detained son is sick and needs medication. She asked us to attend the hearing, which we did. The process lasted five minutes, but there was no mention of his physical condition.

The hearing was rescheduled. The mother looked at us helplessly.


Shosh Kahn and Paula Rubinek from “Women for Women Political Prisoners” were there too to observe women’s hearings and talk to family members.


Justice Major Yitzhak Ozdin oversaw the remand extension hearing of

Ibtisam Haled Salah Kaabana – ID 860130186


Atty. Nasser Nubani stated that Ibtisam had been detained since 27.8.16.

In an earlier hearing he requested a psychological evaluation of Ibtisam’s state of mind. An opinion arrived stating only that she is competent to stand trial. He wanted to examine the report.

Decision: Remand extension for 5 days. The next hearing is set for 22.9.16.


Ibtisam is a 22-year old woman from Akabat Jaber near Jericho.

She has two children: 2- year old daughter and a ten-month old son. Her parents were in court. The mother told us that Ibtisam has mental problems. She is on medication and constantly observed. I asked about the husband and the mother made a dismissive gesture.

Toward the end Ibtisam showed her injured wrists saying they are caused by handcuffs and by the guards. So the judge mentioned in his decision that the Prison Authorities should pay attention to the defendant’s complains.


Judge: Lieut. Col. Zvi Heilbronn

Defendant: Abla Abed Alwahad Hassan Aladam - ID 980417786

(See earlier report on this case)

Defense: Atty. Akram Samara


Abla is a 45-year old woman from Beit Ala, Hebron. She has 9 children, the youngest is 3.

She was shot in the head near the Container checkpoint in Hebron, was seriously injured and taken to hospital where she underwent several surgeries. On 2.12.16 she was transferred to Sharon Prison.

The attorney mentioned a negotiation with the prosecution about a plea bargain, and asked for a postponement until 27.11.16.


Outside the court we spoke to Abla’s husband who told us about engagements and weddings that are scheduled in accordance with the mother’s incarceration. The oldest daughter had to drop out of college to replace the mother at home. The husband works in construction but a few months ago fell and broke his right hand. He has been unable to work since. Above all, he is worried about Abla’s health, hoping she would be operated and treated at an Israeli hospital. It was heartbreaking.

Abla asked her husband to come visit her, but he said it depended on him getting a permit from the Red Cross. We know such permits are doled out sparingly and often people show up at the checkpoint with such permits but are not allowed to cross.


Amira Ali Ahmad Alhamidat – ID 904466646 

(See earlier report on this case).

Judge: Zvi Heilbronn

Defense: Ahlam Hadad.


Since early morning Amira’s husband and we kept looking for her. In the afternoon, after many phone calls and questions about the hearing, it turned out that Atty. Haddad had been summoned to the Supreme Court to represent hunger striker Malek Al Qaadi, so she was replaced by Attorney Hamza Abu Mizar.

Predictably, Abu Mizar asked for a postponement. For the next hearing the secretary will summon one of the witnesses for the prosecution.

Next hearing: 10.10.16.

Amira is 43 years old. She is accused of receiving terror-money on behalf of Hamas. The money was found in her home, transferred by a Gaza resident with a permit to stay in Israel and even to open a textile business. He was briefly jailed, so he could testify for the prosecution, but has since disappeared. It is quite conceivable that he collaborated with the authorities and was subsequently deported.

Amira has been in prison since 16.11.15.


There was also a remand hearing for extending the administrative detention of Sabah Faroun from Azariya.

The first detention was for 3 months.

We don’t have information about the decision.


A hearing was scheduled for an underage girl. Her parents met the attorney at the gate and were informed that there would be no hearing. The girl, who was injured when she was arrested, was brought in and she had to undergo the arduous and painful trip from prison to court.

We spoke to many Palestinians that day. A large group arrived for the hearing of 5 workers of Radio Sanabal in Dura. We later heard their detention was extended by ten days. They are all accused of sedition (on Facebook) – what else is new?


The women told us about their lives: they argued: what’s harder, when your husband is in prison or when you son is in prison. We only listened, not being able to feel their pain; we could only show solidarity.

As always, we heard many stories about army raids: the usual procedure: breaking down the door, bringing in dogs, gathering the family in one room and then turning the house upside down. We told them we report it all and publish it. This is how we learn about the lives of Palestinians in areas where we are not allowed to go, and we describe their lives to anyone who cares to listen.