Ofer - Health Problems, Knives

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Nitza Aminov

Translation: Marganit W.


It is no secret that the majority of Palestinian women in Sharon and Damon Prisons are there because it is their last resort when trying to flee an abusive husband.


This is also the story of Gadir Al-Atrash, a young mother from the Hebron area.


Gadir, 25, came to the Pharmacy Checkpoint in Hebron on 10.8.16 with a knife and was promptly arrested. So she has been in prison for almost a year now.

Gadir has three daughters, who at the time of her arrest were 6, 4 and 7 months old.


Gadir’s mother attends the hearings.

Once her sister – who lives in Rahat - came too. In Hebrew the sister told us hair-raising stories of how Gadir’s husband abuses her.

Despite the abuse, Gadir refuses to divorce her husband. Her mother claims that he has already divorced her. The situation is not clear. The daughters are with the father’s family, which does not reside near the mother’s house.


Several outbursts by Gadir during the hearings point to her dire mental state.

In one of the remand extension hearings Justice Shmuel Keidar ordered a psychological evaluation.

Until now Atty. Akram Samara represented Gadir, but due to many family disputes, he withdrew and the court nominated Atty. Avi Baram to represent her.


In today’s hearing the judge was Major Haim Balilty.

Atty. Baram requested a postponement so he could meet Gadir in prison and study the case. He said he had not received a recording of the defendant’s confession and requested one.

Gadir had an outburst again: she threatened to kill herself. Her attorney repeated the obvious again: Gadir suffers from serious mental illness and needs serious psychiatric evaluation, not just medication.


A memorandum hearing was scheduled for 6.7.17.