Ofer - Health Problems, Minors

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Vivi Sury, Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


From the protocol:

The Defense: “The detainee’s father passed away last night. We have an Israeli willing to guarantee that the detainee will report to the court.”


A Palestinian from Azariya, arrested for illegal entry into Israel, has been in jail for 9 days. On 12.1.17 a judge decided to release him on bail with a third-party guarantee by an Israeli citizen. The prosecution appealed the decision.

Today, before the hearing, Atty. Abdullah Mrar told the detainee, Hussam Abdo, that his father had passed away the night before. Understandably, the man cried bitterly. A Palestinian from Jerusalem who is an Israeli citizen told the court that he would serve as guarantor.

Justice Azriel Levy decided that an Israeli ID card is sufficient guarantee to ensure that the defendant would report to all legal proceedings. The judge released the detainee with no further condition.

Do we need to repeat the fact that the man was simply trying to provide for his family?


In the same court with the same judge 6 underage boys (ages 14-16) had their hearings. We cannot report on these proceedings. There were no family members present, and the attorneys explained that often during first hearings that take place right after the arrests, the families are not aware of the court hearings. It was hard to watch those juveniles, who all had their detentions extended.


Ivtisam Kaebane  is a young woman from Akabat Jaber Refugee Camp near Jerricho.

She has two small children, two-year old daughter and one-year old son. She has been in Damon Prison since 27.8.16.

We have attended all the hearings in her case. Her parents come regularly to those hearings.

Ivtisam has mental issues. The parents claim it is post partum depression. She takes medication. We were told that in prison, too, she receives medication. And yet, already during the second hearing, it was claimed that she is fit to stand trial. Every time we saw her she looked worse. She was very bloated.

Atty. Ahmad Saffiya requested a postponement, and the next hearing is set for 28.2.17.

We hope an agreement will be reached by the next hearing so the poor woman will be released and receive treatment elsewhere.


Hagai Eldad, director of “B’tselem” and Amit Gilotz, the spokesperson joined us. There are excellent reports of the military courts system, but those two thought it was important to attend the hearings.

We too believe that witnessing personally is of paramount importance.