Ofer - Holding and trading of combat materiel, Plea Bargain

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Vivi Sury, Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


From the protocol:

Prosecutor: “the arguments for plea bargain are: no previous record, admission of guilt and saving the court’s time. The case also contained testimony by an agent, which has become reduntant now.”


Plea bargain in the case of Hussam Al-Manasra

Judge: Lieut. Col. Rani Amar

Defense: Atty. Ismail Tawil


The accused has been convicted on charges of possessing and trading in combat materiel. He was involved in an arms deal with others, including a secret agent. His job was to accompany one of the participants, check the weapons and negotiate.


The penalty is 12 months and a day prison time from the day of arrest (he’s been in prison for almost a year – N.A.), 12 months suspended sentence for 5 years and a 1000-shekel fine.


While listening to the hearing we wondered about the “agent”. Was it a Shabac [GSS] operative who lured him to take part in the deal? There was noticeable relief in court (and in the protocol) that the agent had not been summoned to testify.


In the courtyard we ran into the father of Nazar Al-Faraja from Daheisha Refugee Camp. The father told us that his son had been in detention for almost a year. It was not clear if his trial would end today.


Judge: Lieut. Col. Rani Amar.

Defense: Atty. Mahmoud Hassan.


It was not clear to us what the procedure was. Atty. Hassan did not conduct an evidentiary hearing nor did he try to reach a plea bargain. He stated that the accused had confessed under interrogation and that the indictment was based on his admission.

The charges are old: posts on Facebook that did not receive much attention. There was also an arms deal – a gun was purchased but not used. The gun was later returned and refunded.

Those violations were committed years ago. Since then, the guy got married and had children. He says he has changed, he has a regular job and his only concern is his family.


Atty. Hassan reiterated that Al-Faraja has abandoned all criminal activity and asked the court to show leniency.


The judge did not set a date for sentencing.


Al-Faraja’s parents looked very tense. They expected the procedure to come to a conclusion. They tried very hard to follow, but the interpreter spoke only to the detainee and it was hard to understand what he was saying.