Ofer - Incitement, Knives

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Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


“Incitement” in Facebook:

Every day Palestinians, both in Israel and in the territories, are arrested for posting on Facebook.


Justice Lieut. Col. Avry Einhorn conducted a remand extension hearing in the case of Mahmoud Amro from the village of Durra.

His attorney, Hafez Burnat explained that the suspect is a 45-year old father of 5 who used to work for the PA protective security. He was photographed with a weapon belonging to his colleagues (legally possessed). He later posted the picture on his Facebook page. Now, two years later, his home was raided and searched. Nothing was found, but he was arrested anyway.

As always, some secret material was presented to the judge who determined that “there is evidentiary grounds to link him to serious violations.”

The prosecution requested a 7-day extension; the judge agreed to 6, explaining that he would agree to fewer days, but the investigators do not work on Friday and Saturday, so the next hearing was set for 18.4.16.

Judge: Major Haim Balilty

Prosecutor: Lieut. Ely Neumann

Defense: Ibrahim Al Araj

Defendant: Dalal Muhammad Nafez Mahmoud Alkimari – ID 854846193

Dalal, 23, lives in Yatta.

She was arrested on 23.12.15 with a knife in her possession.


The judge pointed out that nowhere does it say that the knife was in her bag, and in the report there is no mention of an attempt to use the knife.

Dalal’s brother was present, and they had a few minutes to communicate. Up to now she was not allowed any family visits.

The attorney presented an agreement stipulating that Dalal would serve 6 months in prison and pay a fine of 2000 shekels.

There was a long deliberation by Dalal, her brother and the attorney. The latter explained that she might be released administratively after 21 days, since she had already been in prison for 4 months. She may be released before Ramadan (which this year happens in June).

Eventually, Dalal decided to accept the plea bargain. Later, the judge asked her if she had anything to add, and she said, “I did not commit such a serious violation that merits such a stiff punishment.” I agree with her. The judge reiterated that he was not obligated to approve the agreement, which worried Dalal’s brother. In the end Dalal said that the agreement had been explained to her, and she was eager to put an end to it all.


A mother coming out of a hearing of her underage son, asked me to explain to her the indictment. She had a copy in Arabic and in Hebrew. Again and again, she read the clauses; her face registered her bewilderment. The 15-year old son is accused of manufacturing improvised guns and shooting them at security forces. He also stole 10 boxes of ammunition, then 3 more, and he threw  rocks on numerous occasions. A very energetic and enterprising young man, indeed. The charges looked so baseless, that we both started to laugh. But the kid has been detained for two months and I fear that he won’t be released to his loving mother any time soon.  She kept saying: “But he is only 15!”