Ofer - Incitement, Membership/activity in unauthorized association

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Vivi Sury, Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Remand extension hearings: Atty. Munzer Abu-Ahmad: “ I beseach the court to consider the human condition…”


Judge: Lieut. Col. Avri Einhorn


Several detaineesinfo-icon were brought to the court from the detention center at the Russian Compound. The interrogation center and the holding cells there are notorious.


The detainees, some minors among them, have been in custody for several weeks.

The detainee that Atty. Abu-Ahmad referred to in the quote above is a minor who has been detained since 21.2.18.


The investigators automatically requested 8-day extensions “to complete the investigations”, (presumably, they could use this time to garner more incriminations – N.A.), and as always, they kept referring to the “secret file.”


Sadly. all that remains for the defense to ask for is the issuing of an indictment, so that the detainees can be moved from the notorious interrogation center to jail. “Maybe there they’ll be treated like humans”, said Atty. Abu-Ahmad.


The judge acceded to the prosecution’s request and ordered additional 8 days, and in some cases 4.


On 5.3.18, Mussa Haroub, a musician in the Al-Anwar band – was arrested in Hebron.

This band performs at weddings and national celebrations.

Ahmad Al-Massri, a singer and the band’s manager was also arrested.


Mussa is accused of sedition, aiding and abetting a hostile organization, and activity in Hamas – all while being a player in the band.


On 13.3.18 there was a hearing before Justice Lieut. Col. Shlomo Katz, who ordered to release him on bail (we did not attend the hearing but we saw the protocol).

This time the hearing concerned the bond.  Atty. Azberga Haled who represents Mussa, told the court that the family had posted the bail and had presented the receipt to the prison.

Mussa’s uncle and brother were present in court. They did not have a copy of the receipt and the judge told them to send it by fax.

It was not clear why after 6 days Mussa had not been released.

Later, Vivi checked the publications on Facebook: it turned out that Mussa had been released.