Ofer - Knives, Plea Bargain

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Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Another sad story about a Palestinian woman who went to the checkpoint with a knife – because of an abusive husband


Ghadir Al Atrash, 24, has four children; the youngest is 6 months old.

On 10.8.16 she took a knife and went to the Hebron Checkpoint, because she could no longer stand living with her abusive husband.

I wonder: when will these women realize that going to the checkpoint is not the solution, and when will the judges realize that sending these miserable women to jail is not the solution either.


Ghadir Yussef Al Atrash  - ID 941506065

Remand extension hearing before Justice Lieut. Col. Shlomo Katz

Defense: Atty. Nasser Noubani


Police Investigation Amitai Amosi requests an 8-day extension. Even though the police thought the investigation had concluded, a secret report showed up and a few “essential” interrogations are needed.

Atty. Noubani objects: he points out his client’s mental state and the fact that she has a 6-month old babyinfo-icon.

The judge cites from the file, saying that Ghadir reported that she had left the house in order to buy a knife for her kitchen, but then changed her mind and decided to stab a soldier.

I, who have never been interrogated by the Shabak [GSS], try to imagine this poor woman’s interrogation. I imagine the interrogator telling her: “You meant to stab a soldier” And she, in distress, said, Yes.

Ghadir’s mother was present at the hearing. Toward noon we heard loud shouts from the waiting area. Ghadir’s husband had shown up and the mother drove him away. She explained to those present that he is an abusive husband and she objects to his presence there. The husband left.

Thank God for small mercies.


Plea bargain for Tagrid Fakiyat

Atty. Mahmoud Hassan was able to negotiate a plea bargain for Tagrid:

2 months prison time, 4 months suspended sentence for 3 years and a 5000-shekel fine.

(I always wonder: why the fine? Apparently, to maintain the occupation).


Tagrid’s sister Fatma and her oldest daughter were present. Fatma comes regularly to court to attend the hearings of all detained family members. An impressive woman, she explains how in one day the life of the entire family came to a standstill. She was banned from traveling to Jordan to take the last exam for her Ph.D. One brother needed emergency surgery at Hadassah for blocked carotid artery; he needs another operation next month but is unlikely to obtain a permit. Their mother is distraught. Other members are in jail, the widow who is pregnant, and now Tagrid is in prison.

Fatma says that the family does not understand what motivated Muhammad to commit the terror attack.