Ofer - Knives, Plea Bargain

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Tamar Goldschmidt, Aya Kaniuk, Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


The strange case of Madlein Alharizat


Madlein is a 22 year old woman from Yata. Since graduating from high school she has been at home, but she has already been arrested twice. On she was detained for 9 days, then released on a 5000-shekel bail.

On 31.5.16 Vivi Sury and I saw her mother in court at Ofer. Madlein was detained, but was not interrogated. There was talk of imposing administrative detention on her, but there was no hearing.

At noon she was released at Ofer Checkpoint.

The mother called Vivi that night to report that Madlein was home.

A few weeks ago Madlein and her mother reported to Ofer for a hearing. A guard at the examination room claimed that Madlein took out a knife and threw it in a bin. And here begins a strange story: at the entrance to the court there is an electronic gate, where visitors must present all metallic objects. A beep sounds if they do not comply. Only then can they enter the room where, again, they must set aside all metal objects in order to cross an electronic entrance. From there they proceed to an examination room where a guard with a magnetic device checks them manually.

One wonders how Madlein was able to go through two gatesinfo-icon with a knife hidden in her clothes.


Judge: Major  Haim Balilti

Defense: Atty. Tariq Bargouth


Understandably, the attorney rejected the strange claims about the knife. He insisted on an evidentiary hearing where the guard would be summoned to testify.

The next hearing was set for 20.9.16.

Crying, Madlein was led back to jail.


A plea bargain in the case of

Raghed Diab Mussa Nasserallah

Judge: Major Rani Amer

Defense: Atty. Ashraf Abu Sneina


Raghed is an 18.5-year old woman from Ramallah, a nursing student from Beir-Zeit University. On 26.7.16 she arrived at Qalandiya Checkpoint with a knife in her bag intending to die as Shahida [martyr]. When she ignored the soldiers’ calls to stop, they shot her twice in the legs. One bullet came out and the other is still lodged in her leg.


During arguments for a plea bargain the prosecutor said, “We took into consideration that the defendant did not intent to cause harm, she only wished to die.”

The attorney, too, insisted she acted because of mental issues, which was also her answer to the judge when he asked, “Why did you go to the checkpoint?”

As per the plea bargain she was sentenced to 4 months in prison from the day of arrest, 6 months suspended sentence for 3 years and, as always, a 2000-shekel fine.


Another tragic story of a person with problems; who knows if those problems will be dealt with, once she is released.