Ofer - Membership/activity in unauthorized association, Torture

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Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.

“We wish to summon one allegedly called Nurit, another unidentified woman, described only as a blonde, Jacques, and several other persons allegedly called  Michah, Berman, Moshit, Dayan and Romy.”


All those “allegedly called” persons took part in torturing Mays Abu Ghosh during interrogations.

Atty. Mahmoud Hassan wishes to subpoena them.


Judge Lieut. Col. Zvi  Heilbronn presided over the hearing of Samah Jarradat and Mays Abu Ghosh.

Atty. Anan Odeh represented Samah Jarradat.


The attorney reported that Samah Jarradat denies all the charges in the indictments: the charges are of membership and holding office in an unlawful organization. The organization in question is Kutub Al Tulabi Demokrati, which the Shabak claims belongs to the Popular Front.


First Atty. Odeh and then Atty. Hassan argued that this is not a hostile organization and that Kutub had never been declared an unlawful organization. It is a union of the Palestinian Left, people who champion democracy and have no affiliation with the Popular Front.

Atty. Odeh moved for a postponement in order to study the case and obtain  answers from the prosecution regarding the allegations of a prior hearing (a trial within the trial).

The next hearing was set for 11.2.20.


Mays Abu Ghosh is represented by Atty. Mahmoud Hassan. He again rejected the indictment, explaining that the admissions were obtained under torture.

Atty. Hassan enumerated some of the interrogation methods used against Mays Abu Ghosh: blows, painful standing positions, sleep deprivations et al. At a certain point she confessed only to stop the torture.


The defense asked to summon several interrogators to the upcoming evidentiary hearing. The prosecution reported that it was preparing the case and would inform the court within a week which witnesses would be summoned.

A memorandum hearing was set for 11.2.20.


Some family members of Abu Ghosh attended the hearing. Her brother, who had recently been released from administrative detention, came with their mother. The reunion between him and Mais was particularly moving.


While the hearing was taking place, outside the court was a demonstration calling for the release of the prisoners and the termination of administrative detentions.