Ofer - Membership/activity in unauthorized association, Women

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Vivi Sury, Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Another aspect of the military court: family reunions


We have often written about the conversations that take place between detaineesinfo-icon and their families. These are important meetings, since many of the Palestinians are barred from visiting the prisons. Moreover, talks are conducted face to face (without the barrier that exists in the prisons). The Palestinians insist on showing up at the trials, even when they know ahead of time that there may be a postponement, as this may afford them a chance to talk to their detained relative. After the hearings, the families often try to “steal” a few more precious minutes with their loved ones, often as the shout “Get out, this is not visiting time!” is heard in the court. Occasionally a judge will allow some additional communication.

Today, a female warden stood in such a position that no eye contact with the detainees and their family was possible.


Judge: Lieut. Col. Kamal Zaharaldin

Detainee: Safaa Akram Shehadeh Abu Snine/Abu Hassin

Defense: Atty. Ismail Tawil


Saffaa Abu Snine is one of the Hebron women accused of establishing a Women’s Council affiliated with Hamas. On different dates since June 2018 seven women have been detained. They are all kept at Damon Prison.

Saffaa told the judge that her mother is very sick and she requested permission to talk to her on the phone. She also referred to the conditions at Ofer Jail (where detainees brought from prison are kept until and after the hearing). She complained that the room is very cold and requested heating. 


Atty. Tawil asked for a postponement in order to confer with the prosecution, and a memorandum hearing was set for 24.3.19.

The judge recommended allowing the detainee one phone call and also ordered review of conditions in the holding room.


The same judge oversaw the next hearing:

Dina Ahmad Abed Al-Magani Karmi

Defense: Atty. Labib Habib


Dina Karmi is accused of initiating the Hebron Women’s Committee.


Atty. Habib said his client rejects the allegations; there are arguments for a pre-trial proceeding, and an evidentiary hearing is set for 24.3.19.