Ofer - Minors, Plea Bargain

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Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.

Arguments for plea agreement: ”the defendant’s ancient  and irrelevant history… We took into consideration that only one rock was thrown and no sling was used…. There was no premeditation… the distance to security forces is unknown… etc. etc.”


Judge: Major Sivan Omer

Defendant: Muhammad Kokas  from Beit Ummar

Defense: Atty. Ahlam Haddad


The prosecutor reports that the defendant passed by a demonstration (“disturbance of the peace” in court parlance), joined the protesters and threw a rock from an unspecified distance. The rock did not hit anyone or anything and no damage was reported.


According to the plea bargain, the defendant was sentenced to 6 months and a day in prison beginning with the day of arrest, plus 19-month probation for 5 years in which he is prohibited from throwing any object and from willfully endangering  human life.

There is also a 2000-shekel fine.

The 5-year probation is meant to deter Palestinians form taking part in demonstrations (“disturbances”).


Muhammad’s parents were in court. They told us that the day before his first son had been born. Sadly, he will be able to see him only in a few months.


In the courtyard we heard three summons for the Takatka family to go to Courtroom 2. This means that three different families were called to attend their relatives’ hearing in a court where minors’ cases are heard. Takatka is one of the largest clans of Beit Fajer.

It seems that the number of underage detaineesinfo-icon from the village is on the rise.