Ofer - Minors, Popular Struggle

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Vivi Sury,  Nitza Aminov (reporting)

“We are dealing with a recidivist here – the charge is disturbing the peace…”


A “recidivist” is a repeat offender, a criminal who commits the same violation.

“Disturbing the peace” refers to any demonstration in the occupied territories.


Justice Major Sebastian Osovsky oversaw the remand extension hearing of

Abdullah Abu-Rahme.


The prosecutor was a Police Investigator, and the defense was Atty. Gaby Lasky.


On the night between 19-20.11 Abdullah’s home was raided.

As usual the house was turned upside down. (Apart from photos on Facebook we heard details from Abdullah’s wife who attended the hearing).

Abdullah underwent harsh interrogation and his mouth was gagged. His wife said that in the jeep that transported him to the police his hand was handcuffed to the roof of the vehicle.

The wife told Abdullah about the vast support he is getting from the International Solidarity Movement.


The investigator requested a 6-day remand extension. The violation occurred before 4.11.17 – the day when the officer saw the photos that the investigator claims show Abdullah hitting a fence with an iron bar. The interrogator claimed that that constitutes inflicting damage on government property and undermining security in the region.


Atty. Lasky, on the other hand, explained that the fence in question is not the separation fence, but a fence which blocks the agricultural land of the village, including the detainee’s family plot. She added that the day before, the court had determined that Abdullah poses no risk and asked to release him on bail. Abdullah, she noted, always reports promptly to his court hearings. She wanted to know why it took so long to carry out the arrest, seeing that the alleged violation occurred before 4.11. How dangerous was he between that date and the day of arrest?


The judge stated that the investigation had indeed been exhausted, but after examining the file and the photos, he wanted to study the case more deeply and watch the attached film (included of course in the secret file).

He ordered remand extension until the next day, 23.11.17.


Last week we attended the evidentiary hearing of Abdullah Abu Rahme. We couldn’t help but think that the authorities are picking on one of the main activists of the Bil’in Popular Committee.


We later attended the hearing of two young cousins from the Abu-Maria family of Beit Ummar. They have been detained for 6 months. The hearing was postponed to 18.12.17 so a plea bargain could be presented (including, presumably, 7 months jail time plus 6000 shekel fine).


Every week we meet families from Beit Ummar who tell us about detaineesinfo-icon and incessant nightly raids.


In a hearing of an underage detainee (which we are barred from reporting) we heard the quaint new expressions: “tender adult” and “grown-up minor” – wonderful legalese!