Ofer - Minors, Popular Struggle

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Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Once again, the courtyard is filled with people from Nabi Saleh


Manal and Bilal Tamimi came for the hearing of their son Osama Tamimi, who, with his brother, has been detained here for several months.

Activists from Tel Aviv came to show solidarity, as they have done many times.


There were several hearings of minors, but I am barred from reporting on them.


The judge in Osama’s hearing was Major Sebastian Osovsky.

The attorney was Bilal Namana from Adameer organization. This was done to prevent a conflict with the representative of the other brother, an attorney from Gaby Laski’s office.


Osama rejects the allegations and asks to hear the witnesses in the case. There were issues with the way the police statement had been obtained, so an evidentiary hearing was set for 30.5.18, at which date a pre-trial regarding the police statement will take place.


There was one encouraging thing despite the unpleasantness of the place. Remember Muhammad Tamimi, the boy who on 15.12.17 was seriously injured in the face by a soldier using rubber-coatedd bullet? Today I saw him in the yard, running around, chatting animatedly, and looking just fine (except for the scars on his scalp). The sad part is that he came for his younger brother’s hearing.

The brother has been in detention for sometime now, together with other minors. I attended the hearing but I am barred from reporting on it.


In the recess I saw Abdullah Abu-Rahma, whose trial has been dragging for a long time.

He is released on bail.

Abdullah had organized a bicycle race and refused to leave the place. There are other charges in the indictment.


Abdullah is one of the leading activists of the Popular Struggle. He has been detained many times, spent much time in jail, and the army is trying hard to stop his activity.


It was a very short hearing: Justice Haim Balilty announced that the court had full confidence in the witness; so, of course, the outcome was a conviction.

The next hearing is arguments for penalty. No date has been set yet.


There is never a dull moment at Ofer.