Ofer - Minors, Remand Extension

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Vivi Sury, Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


And these minors… how terrible


Remand extension Court.

Judge: Lieut. Col. Yair Lahan


A 13.5-year old boy was brought to the court.

We are not allowed to give any identifying detail, but we can express our own reactions – perhaps a bit cliché – of shock, pain etc.

But our reaction is nothing compared to the bewildered expression on the detainee’s face. He has been in jail since Thursday and was wearing prison uniform. The defense reported that while in custody, his glasses were broken; perhaps this explains his spaced-out demeanor. His mother and sister brought him a spare pair from home. Hopefully, the attorney was able to give it to him.


The attorney told his mother and grandmother: Two things can help him: Rabana (our God) and his young age. Let’s hope so.


According to the Israeli Youth Law (2009) a minor under the age of 14 cannot be put in jail. On 29.7.09 the IDF commander signed an amendment that stipulated setting up a youth military court. The military establishment prides itself on this amendment, but there are huge differences between the laws that obtain in Israel and those in the military courts.


Later, a 16-year old detainee was ushered in. He, too, has been detained since Thursday.

When his mother and grandmother entered the court, he started crying bitterly and could not stop until the end of the hearing. He asked his mother if she had told the school that he was in jail. She said, No. He asked her to tell them that he was sick.

The mother explained that he is an excellent student, and is interested only in his studies. Nobody was ever arrested in that family.

He got a 3-day remand extension. He never stopped crying.

All the attorneys in court came to talk to him, but none of them could mollify him.

What can we say? Our hearts were broken.


Later, there was a remand request for

Ossama Alfahouri.

He is represented by Atty. Ilya Theodori.

The prosecution requested an 8-day remand to complete the indictment.


Alfahouri has been in detention since 2.7.19.


The judge approved the 8-day remand.

The indictment will be presented on 8.9.19.

Maybe then, we’ll finally find out what the Beir Zeit student is accused of.