Ofer - Stone Throwing, Students

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Nitza Aminov (reporting)

What can be heard in Ofer


Translation: Marganit W.


Judge Major Merav Hershkovitz Yizhaki read Muhammad Badwan’s indictment with a very stern face:

“You are charged that on 23.10.19 you threw four rocks at the army in the village of Bidou!”


Atty. Akram Samara represents Muhammad Badwan. He said his client denies the allegations.

Therefore on 1.1.20 a hearing will take place in which 5 witnesses will testify.

There are TEN military personnel claiming that Muhammad threw FOUR rocks.


In the same courtroom before the same judge, two more students from Beir Zeit University had their hearing. I have reported earlier that more than 80 students from Beir Zeit University and the Polytechnic College are currently detained.


Kusai Musalmeh has been in jail for 3 months.

Amir Hizboun has been detained since 11.9.19.


Both are represented by Atty. Bilal Naamna.

Both hearings were postponed.

When Amir’s parents heard that the next hearing would take place on 1.1.20, his mother said, “So far? What, we won’t get to see him until then??”


Normally families are allowed to attend the proceedings for a short period – until the end of the hearing. When the session is short – postponement and setting of another date – there’s little time to talk. But the Palestinians try to come to every hearing and use every minute to talk to the detaineesinfo-icon.

Often they come out of court smiling, but shortly afterwards the tears start to flow.