Ofer - Students, Women

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Observing and reporting: Nitza Aminov

Translation: Marganit W.


Again, thanks for small mercies – 5 minute conversation with family members


In Justice Lieut. Col. Menahem Lieberman’s court I attended the “hearing” of 

Bian Farun.

Atty. Andre Rosenthal represented her.


I put “hearing” in quotes because the entire process lasted 5 minutes. She was ushered in, her attorney requested a postponement for negotiation with the prosecution and a new date was set: 24.12.17.


Bian’s brother and sister came to the hearing. As usual, there was an announcement that “this is not a visit”. But when families have no other way to see their loved ones, there should be some consideration.


Bian’s brother now works for an EU organization. Ten years ago he was a prisoner, so he cannot obtain a permit to visit Bian in jail (nor a work permit to work in Jerusalem). Her mother is dead and the father is blind. Until today, the father has been able to visit her with the help of Sabah Farun, an administrative detainee. But now that Sabah has been transferred to Sharon Prison, it is not clear how the father can visit his daughter.


Bian was crying when she was brought in, and during the short exchange between the attorney and the judge, she had very little opportunity to talk with her siblings.

Bian, a student at Bir Zeit University was arrested on 11.3.17.

For two weeks she was interrogated at the Russian Compound and was barred from seeing counsel.


A hearing of an underage girl was supposed to take place today. I looked for her family members who had attended previous hearings. I could not find them, so I asked Atty. Akram Samara about them. He said there are no hearings of minors’ cases today because the judge is overburdened with cases.

This is what happens when you detain so many people.