Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Activity against security in the region, Appeal

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Zvi Heilbronn

Police Investigator: Ahab Halabi

Defense: Atty. Ma’amoun Hashim, Atty. Hader Daibes


There are five cases in the docket. Three of the detaineesinfo-icon are barred from seeing counsel. A fourth is heard behind closed doors and there is a gag order on publication.


The first three detainees are connected to one incident. We attended one hearing when the detainee was absent; Atty. Hader Daibes asked questions relevant to the interrogation.


Qassem Abd Al-Karim Rajah Shably – ID 854854429

He was born in Qubar on 4.1.1994 and was arrested on 26.8.19. Shably is suspected of threatening security in the region and of conspiracy to commit a crime.


The investigator requests a 15-day remand. “There is considerable progress in the investigation. It is detailed in the secret file,” he said.

This is Shably’s second remand extension. In the previous hearing the investigators also requested 15-day remand. Atty. Daibes objects, and the judge reduces the number of days of this “barred” detainee. Most of the questions the defense posed remained unanswered. The investigator referred the court to the secret file.


Question: Is this a military investigation or “interrogation of necessity” (when inordinate pressure is applied to compel the suspect to admit to acts he did not commit. These are very long, arduous interrogations, often involving torture).

Investigator’s answer: The interrogation was conducted according to the laws of the State of Israel). The detainee was interrogated for 20 consecutive hours – the defense attorney found this out when he lodged an appeal during the first hearing).

Question: What is the detainee’s state of health?

Answer: All his medical complaints are addressed in the prison facility.ammH