Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Activity against security in the region, Barred (from meeting with attorney)

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Judge: Merav Hershkovitz


Police Investivator: Ayoub Halabi

Defense: Khader Daibas


There are two cases in the docket:

Muhammad Deib Muhammad Alhindi – ID 406755330

Born in Deir Abu Mashal on 1.6.01

Arrested on 26.12.19

(See earlier report on this case)


There is agreement between the sides on 8-day remand extension, then sending the case to the prosecution.


Jaffry Aziz Haroun Kaid – ID 405611377

Born in Ramallah on 13.11.00

Arrested on 26/12/19


Suspected of possessing and trading in combat materiel, membership and activity in a hostile organization, participation in disturbances and hampering security in the region.


The investigation requests 12 additional days.

This is the fourth remand. Earlier, he was barred from seeing counsel.


The Police Investigator states that there was an important development on Thursday the 12th.


The defense wants to know how intensive the interrogation was, and is referred to the secret file. The defense asks if the interrogation lasted many hours; the investigator evades the question.


Judge Hershkovitz asks the investigator to give a detailed account of the duration of the interrogation, as this is no secret. Reluctantly, the investigator provided this schedule:


8.1 – from 9:55 to 11:15

9.1 – from 13:50 to 17:25

12.1 – from 11:10 to 17:30


The judge said, I got it.


Defense’s summation:

This is the fourth remand. The suspect has been in custody for a long time (in part barred from meeting his attorney). The investigator’s request is unwarranted. The detainee is cooperating. He links himself to some allegations and rejects others. He has nothing more to adduce. The defense asks the court to exercise judicial consideration and shorten the remand.

Judge’s decision: (before issuing her decision, the judge asks the investigator for some clarification, in private).

“The charges against the suspect are serious. Having examined the material, I find enough evidence linking him to the charges to warrant additional remand. I also find that the investigation requires several more steps to complete the process. Thus, I grant the investigator’s request for 8 additional days.”