Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Activity against security in the region, Barred (from meeting with attorney)

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Haya Sandberg

Police Investigator: Bahgat

Defense: Awdah Zweidi, Maamoun Hashim, Judd Kadmani


There are 5 cases in the docket, one of a juvenile and one of a detainee barred from seeing counsel.

There is a big commotion in the small remand-extension hall.

All detaineesinfo-icon except one are represented by Hashim and Kadmani.


Ahmad Yassin Sid Alwan – ID 404449936

Ahmad has been detained since 4.6.17 and is barred from seeing counsel.

We are allowed to attend only the part of the hearing when the defense represents the absent detainee. As soon as the detainee is let in, we leave with the attorneys.

The police investigator requests 15 additional days. Until Thursday the detainee cannot meet with the attorney.

The charge: activity endangering security in the region and membership in a proscribed organization.

The investigator presents the confidential files to the judge, explaining that the investigation has just begun.


Q (by defense): Is the respondent needed for the investigation?

A: The reasons are explained in the secret file.

Q: Since when is he suspected? Was it intelligence information?

A: It’s in the secret file.

Q: Has he been incriminated?

A: There is evidence proving his involvement.


At the end of the hearing the defense asks the judge to address the detainee’s state of health. The judge writes down the questions.

The attorneys voiced their resentment at the investigators (and presumably at the judge as well, since she sided with the police on all counts) and their despair at the requests for remand extension of detainees who should have been released long ago and whose cases should be resolved by the prosecution.


Bilal Riad Abdullah Abu Moreh – ID 852484096

Arrested on 25.5.17

There is agreement on 8-day remand and transfer of the case to the prosecution.


Rabhi Hasan Karaja – ID 414995696

Arrested on 16.5.17

Defense: Awdah Zweidi

Charge: Activity endangering security in the region and membership in a proscribed organization.

This is his third remand extension.

The police requests 12 additional days.


Q: Was he interrogated by the Shabak [GSS]?

A: Yes, several times.

Q: When was the last time?

A: May 25.

Q: When did he give a statement to the police?

A: May 30.

Q: Can you verify that the detainee denies the charges against him?

A: The statement he gave does not accord with the material.

He gave two versions.

Q: Was he confronted with all the suspicions?

A: Not all at this point.

Q: In the last hearing you claimed that he was confronted with all the suspicions.

A: More frontal interrogations are needed.

Q: Is there progress in the investigation?

A: Not yet.

Q: Did you carry out all the interrogations?

A: Most of the ones you requested in the previous remand hearing.

Q: Is the suspicion stronger?

A: It is the same.


Defense summation:

The attorney objects to the police’s request. “He was confronted with the main allegations. He gave two statements. His version is consistent, both with the Shabak interrogation and with the others (police plants). The interrogation is conducted under harsh conditions, which raises the suspicion that the police is pressuring him to incriminate himself.” The defense asks the judge to halt the interrogations and release him.


Judge’s Decision: “I examined the secret file…”

Although this is his third remand extension, the judge orders another 12 days in detention, as requested by the police investigator/


Nur Aldin Rashad Hasan Jaber – ID 403813348

He was arrested on 10.5.17.

There are three men involved in this case.

This is the fifth remand extension.


There was progress in the case, but then it stopped. Last Thursday the police requested 5 more days to complete the investigation. The investigation is over. He gave a statement to the police. Since Thursday he was interrogated for only half an hour. The case of one of his collaborators is already with the prosecution.

27 days of interrogation and the fact that he links himself to the events warrant transferring the case to the prosecution.


The attorneys request an end to the interrogation. The detainee is kept under harsh conditions. He has not been allowed out of the cell and the food he receives is particularly bad.


Investigator’s summation: Again, requests 8-day extension. “We’ll try to finish the interrogation, but no commitment.”


Judge: “I examined the file…” – 8 additional days.