Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Activity against security in the region, Blacklisted

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Lieut. Col. Zeev Afik

Police Investigator: Omri Awida

Defense: Ma’amoun Hashim, Judd Kadmani


The attorney, the interpreter and the typist reported to duty at 10 o’clock: the hearing began at 11 because the judge (told on the phone to report to “the Compound”) thought he had to go to Ofer. He apologized to every one individually.


There were 6 cases in the docket.


Abd Alhamid Mufak Yunes Rahimi – ID 859621161

A resident of Beit Rima, born 5.10.95


The investigator requested 15 additional days to complete the investigation.

The man was arrested on 22.1.18 on suspicion of throwing rocks, disturbing the peace, aiding and abetting HAMAS, contact with the enemy and endangering security in the region.


The judge told the investigator and the attorneys: 15 days is too much. Reach an agreement.


The defense said 8 days, the investigator countered with 11. The judge said, 9 but the investigator objected saying that would involve taking the detainee to Ofer for remand extension, and that involves extra expenses.


judge said to both: a day here or there is “a groyse gurnisht” (a Yiddish expression meaning: a big nothing.)  This diffused the tension in what looked like haggling in the market. Everyone was speechless. The investigator, apparently a Druze, the Palestinian attorney, the interpreter and the typist all looked stunned.


Defense summation:

The investigator claims that the investigation has just begun and that the suspicions are new. We object: the detainee has no previous convictions; he has petitioned to renew his permit to enter Israel. He denies all the allegations.


Judge’s decision:

the suspect is 23 years old (there was a lengthy mathematical debate concerning his age). He was arrested on 22.4 under serious suspicions. The “learned investigator” argued for 15-day remand extension enumerating the charges. The “learned defense” argued for 8 days. Having examined the file I conclude that the charges are serious and require investigation.

Remand extension for 9 days.


Yihya Amed Alin Salim – ID 402802706.

Resident of Atil, born 14.12.97.

Charges: aiding and abetting a hostile organization, conspiracy to commit a crime, transferring money to a hostile organization.


The judge asked the detainee to identify himself. He told him his name and the judge said: Ahalan, how are you?”


The investigator requested 8 additional days.

The judge countered: let’s agree on 10 days.


The investigator and the defense went to the computer screen to enter their motions. Again, a haggling ensued until the judge declared: I am entering my decision.

Remand extension of 10 days.


Wissam Elias Hassin Rabia – ID 40200059

Resident of Beit Anan. Born 18.11.96


Again, when the detainee identified himself, the judge said, Ahalan, how are you?


The investigator claimed that the charges against Rabia are serious: membership and activity in HAMAS, conspiracy to commit a crime, transfer of money to a hostile organization.

This is his 4th remand extension.


The sides agreed to an 8-day extension.