Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Activity against security in the region, Conspiracy to Kill

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Shalom Dahan (Res.)

Police Investigator: Ihab Halabi

Defense: Judd Kadmani, Maamoun Hashim, Mahmoud Hassan


A “regular” day of remand extensions.

Judge Dahan gave the defense and the investigator a lesson in jurisprudence.


There were 5 cases in the docket. In all of them there was agreement between the sides.

The judge, to his credit, repeatedly criticized the investigator for being too niggardly in his replies to the attorneys.


Subhi Abd Alaziz Ahmad Dariat – ID 929903243

Born: 6.1.72, resident of Noiama.

Arrested on 18.2.19.

Charges: conspiracy to commit a crime, damage to security in the region, membership and activity in a hostile organization.

Defense: Maamoun Hashim, Judd Kadmani.


The investigator requested 12 additional days to complete the investigation, but the judge decided on 11. If there is no significance progress, the case will go to the prosecution.

The judge asked Dariat if he has kids. Dariat said he had 5 sons and 2 daughters as well as 2 grandchildren.


Ayman Muhammad Ali Alfuajra – ID 852759398

Born: 22.3.9

Resides in Bethlehem.

Arrested on 17.2.19.

Charge: premeditated killing - stabbing an Israeli citizen in Ephrat on 23.12.16.

Defense: Maamoun Hashim, Judd Kadmani.


The investigator requested 10 additional days to complete the investigation. This is the detainee’s third remand extension.

There was an agreement on 8 days before transferring the file to the prosecution.


The judge showed interest in the detainee’s health (the protocols in the secret file mentions vomiting and issues with one hand). The judge asked if he wanted to see a doctor. He said no.


Muhammad Jamil Muhammad Abu Sarhan – ID 404372294

Born: 20.5.99 in Bethlehem.

Arrested on 20.2.19.

Charges: membership and activity in a hostile organization, aiding and abetting said organization and participation in disturbances of the peace (i.e., demonstrations).

Defense: Maamoun Hashim, Judd Kadmani.


The investigator requested 10 additional days. There was agreement on 8 days and transferring the case to the prosecution.


The judge informed the defense about a referral of the detainee to psychiatric evaluation (during a previous remand extension at Ofer). The judge urged them to follow up the treatment.

In the protocol he added a referral to the facility’s doctor regarding breathing problems, as noted in the protocol [Why repeat the referral if it is already in the protocol?]


Ahmad Hani Ahmad Galaita – ID 406430876

Born: 1.10.2000 in Jericho.

Charge: participation in disturbances (demonstrations) and planning terror attacks with others.

Defense: Mahmoud Hassan.


This is his second remand extension.

The investigator requested 8 days.


The defense asked questions then summed up:

The suspect cooperates with the police and has given a statement. Why prolong the investigation? He has given his police statement. Do they mean to interrogate him until he gives the version that the investigators want? He might give a false confession. The detainee is suspected of throwing rocks, which normally results in a sentence of a several months in prison. He has already confessed. If the investigation continues, he might admit to things he did not do, which will land him in prison for several years.


Judge’s summation:

The investigation is ongoing. Other suspects are implicated, as is noted in the secret file. The authorities must be given a chance to get to the truth, but they should make an effort to expedite the interrogation. Since the detainee is “almost a minor” (“on the border of juvenility” as the judge put it), he decided on a 4-day remand.


Anas Nasser Khalil Abu Seif – ID 405382243

Born: 4.4.200 in Jericho.

He is accused of participating in disturbances and throwing firebombs on Rte 60.

Defense: Mahmoud Hassan

This is his second remand.

The investigator requested 10 days to complete the investigation.


In his summation the defense claimed  (as he did in the previous case) that further interrogation would yield admission to acts he did not commit and hence to stiffer penalty.


The judge approved 8 additional days, since the detainee is not “on the border of juvenility…”