Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Activity against security in the region, Danger to Regional Security

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Atty. Yoel Tsur

Investigator: Ihab Halabi

Defense: Judd Kamani, Maamoun Hashim, Hader Daibas


There are 4 cases in the docket. A fifth is of a detainee whose file has been transferred to Ashkelon.


Today the atmosphere in court was gloomy: the main actors (judge, investigator, attorneys) all behaved in a gloomy manner. The detaineesinfo-icon waited eagerly to hear the actors’ words, not always fully comprehending what was going on.


In two of the cases there was an agreement, approved by the judge. The other two detainees got remand extensions, at the request of the investigator.


Ahmad Mahmoud Muhammad Hamil – ID 405031964

Detained since 15.10.18.

Born: 11.11.99, resident of the village Malek.

Charges: disturbance of the peace and threat to security in the region.


The police requested 10-day remand. The judge agreed to 8.


Akram Jama Muhammad Hamil – ID 405564162

Detained since 8.10.18,

Born: 24.12.99. Resident of the village Malek.

He is a cousin of Ahmed Mahmoud Hamil.


There is an agreement between the sides.

Charges: disturbance of the peace and threat to security in the region.


The police requests 12-day remand, the judge agrees to 8.


Houssein Daoud Hassan Ata – ID 403837651

Born: 29.8.98, resident of Abu-Mashal village.

He is detained since 11.18.18.

This is his second remand extension.

Charges: disturbance of the peace, using firearms, activity in a hostile organization.


Atty. Hader Daibas had a few questions: the detainee admits to some of the charges. There are 14 other items that the police are looking into and they require continued investigation. The defense objects to such a lengthy interrogation.

The judge agreed to 9 additional days

(His Honour does not change his mind when told that this includes Municipal Election Day, a day of rest).


Baha Muhammad Abd El-Kader Huaja – ID 853998094

Detained since 13.10.18

Born: 22.1.92, resident of Na’alin   

[See previous report]


The police investigator requested 10 additional days.

Charges: membership, activity and services in a hostile organization, military activity and involvement with combat materiel.


There were questions and answers; the defense objected and the judge decided: “10 days were requested, I am allowing 10 days for the continuation of the investigation.”

The detainee was taken out and everything resumed as usual.