Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Activity against security in the region, Membership/activity in unauthorized association

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Judge: Lieut. Col. Zvi Heilbronn

Investigator: Zaharan Halabi

Defense: Firas Sabah


There were two hearings today:


Muhammad Deib Muhammad Alhindi- ID 406755330

Alhindi was born in 2001;

he was arrested on 26.2.19.

He is suspected of acting against security forces, throwing rocks and firebombs.


The investigators request 12 additional days to complete the investigation.


Here’s part of the exchange between the investigator and the defense:


Defense: the suspect was interrogated and pleaded guilty to some of the charges, including throwing rocks and firebombs. He wants to know if there are other suspicions.

Investigator: the investigation is ongoing. We explore new directions.

The investigator claims the number of days requested is justified since 9 other allegations are being examined.

Defense: Has the suspect’s statements been examined?

Investigator: It’s in the secret file.

Defense: When did he give his last statement?

Investigator: On January 2nd. The SHABAK last interrogated him on January 5.


Defense’s summation: The suspect has been interrogated by the SHABAK for two weeks. He cooperated with the investigators and pleaded guilty to the charges. These are not new allegations. He is 18.5 years old and this is his first arrest. The 12-day request is unjustified.

The defense moves to shorten the remand and transfer the file to the prosecution.


Judge’s decision: Having read the material the judge sees justification for continued investigation. However, he takes into consideration the fact that there are no new allegations and that the detainee is very young.

Thus, he decides on an 8-day remand after which the case will go to the prosecution.


Jaffer Aziz Haroun Qaid – ID 405611377

Born in 2000

Arrested on 4.12.19.

This is his third remand extension.


He is suspected of membership, activity and providing services to a hostile organization, as well as participation in activity threatening security forces.


The prosecution requests 10 additional days to complete the investigation. (there is another young man implicated in the investigation).


Defense’s summation:

the suspect pleads guilty to some of the charges (“membership and activity…”) but denies having acted against security in the region.

The defense asks: is there justification for the number of days requested by the investigator? He adds that ”membership and providing services” are the main charges; other, unsubstantiated charges, were later added.

“The investigators should be limited and they should not be granted additional days. Reject their motion and shorten the investigation”.


Judge’s decision:

the charges against him are serious.

The judge grants the 8-day request, adding that the investigators should make an effort to finish the investigation.


Was there any attempt to limit the investigators?