Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Barred (from meeting with attorney), Danger to Regional Security

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Lieut. Col. Menahem Lieberman

Investigator: Keinan

Defense: Maamoun Hashim, Hader Deibes, Ashraf Abu-Sneina


In a country priding itself on its high tech achievements, the judge wrote the protocol by hand, because the printer at the Russian Compound detention center was on the fritz.


There were 5 cases in the docket, but 2 were postponed to a later date.

The detaineesinfo-icon were barred from seeing counsel.

One of the three cases was of an underage boy from Hussan who was arrested on 20.2.18.


Abed Al-Mahsan Taisir Abed Al-Mahsan Shalalda – ID 853739241

A resident of Sair;  born 10.12.1992.

He was arrested on 15.2.18.

Defense: Atty. Abu Sneina.


The charge: serious violations of security in the region; membership and activity in a proscribed organization.


Q: Has the suspect linked himself to the allegations?

A: Refers to the secret file.

Q: When did relevant material start coming in?

A: Refers to the confidential file.

Q: Has the suspect contacted anyone in Gaza?

A: He gave an answer to that, but the investigators do not believe him.


Defense’ summation:

The suspect was questioned about membership in an illegal organization. 4 years ago he graduated from the university, and was questioned about contacts with someone in Gaza. He then claimed he was offering work related help. The investigators don’t believe him and request remand extension. The detainee claims that he does not belong to any organization. He passed a polygraph test successfully, which indicates that he has no connection to a military organization. His contact with the man from Gaza is not related to security.


The detainee asked to address the court: he claims that for three days he was tied to a chair, released only when given food.

The police investigator did not believe him and used his phone to take a picture of the screen with the protocol, so he could get to the truth.

Justice Lieberman extended the detention by 3 days.


Fadi Fadel Muhammad Al-Najajra  - ID 949797310

Born: 14.10.84  

Arrested on 20.2.18

Defense: Atty. Maamoun Hashim


The investigator requests a 12-day remand.

Charge: Involvement in security violations and terror attack.

The attack occurred two years ago (refers to the protocol of the previous remand extension).


Q: Have you carried out the actions you were required to do?

A: Refers to the secret file.


The detainee was held at Ofer (on other charges) for three weeks, before being released. This time he was taken from home, suspected of stabbing. The complainant was found on the floor. He was stabbed from behind.


Atty. Hashim stated that there had been no police lineup where the complainant could identify his assailant. There was also no documentation of the weapon of assault and no picture or even mention of it. No DNA test was done, nor verification of the suspect’s alibi. He claims that at the time of the incident he was with someone.

The investigator kept saying: the investigation has just begun. There is a detailed plan… The attack happened in the gloaming, so it was difficult to identify the assailant.


The defense asked: Is it true that the detainee was interrogated only two hours a day in the last few days?

A: We are following the plan.


Defense’ summation:

The case is described as ‘a serious attack’. The respondent was arrested on 20.2.18 at his home. He was interrogated about a stabbing that had occurred two years earlier. The police has done nothing during his detention at Ofer and at the Russian Compound.

The complainant claims: I was stabbed by an Arab, who fled the scene. At an earlier hearing the judge asked the investigators to check the alibi and to hold a lineup. Neither was carried out. The detainee is married with children. He is a cab driver.


Judge’s decision: remand extension until 1.3.18.

The investigators are required to confirm or refute his identification as the assailant.