Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Barred (from meeting with attorney), Disturbances (demonstrations)

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.

Judge: Zvi Heilbronn

Investigator: Zahran Halabi

Defense: Judd Kadmani, Ma’amoun Hashim, Hader Daibes


There were six cases in the docket; two detaineesinfo-icon were barred from seeing counsel.

There were three unusual aspects to today’s hearings: The detainees came from all over the occupied territories, not just from one or two places.

Two were barred from seeing counsel. By mistake, they were brought in one after the other, before the hearing was divided into two parts (one with counsel and audience present and one without). When the mistake was noticed, the other detainee was hastily ushered out,

Judd Kadmani (during the hearing of a ‘barred’ detainee) asked: If the detainee admitted to the charges, why is he still barred from seeing his attorney? Is the isolation meant to extract some more confessions from him? The attorney did not receive an answer.


Lith Abed Al-Rahman Hussein Cana‘an – ID 854757352

Born: 27.4.93.

Resident of Beit Rima.

Arrested on 30.1.19

Defense: Hader Daibes.

Charge: participation in disturbance of the peace [demonstration].


The investigator asked for a 12-day remand.

The detainee was wearing an eye patch. We asked why and were told that he wore a similar patch in 2017 when he was arrested. No further explanation.

After a series of questions and answers that led nowhere, the defense summed up:

We object to the police’s request. The detainee had been interrogated for 20 hours straight; he is kept under harsh conditions. The attorney also requested that an appropriate eye patch be given to him.


Judge Heilbronn’s summation:

There is solid ground for detention.

He added 8 days for further investigation but also ordered the detainee to be taken to the jail doctor to make sure his eye gets the proper treatment.


Mussa Majdi Issa Khatib – ID 85039119

Born: 16.4.90.

Resident of Hamza.

Suspected of membership and activity in a hostile organization, aiding and abetting the organization and conspiracy to commit a crime.


The investigator requested ten additional days to complete the investigation. The sides agreed on eight.


Hamza Khaled Muhammad Awad – ID 402200398

Born: 22.11.96.

Resident of Ramallah.

There is agreement on 8 additional days before transferring the case to the prosecution.


Ayman Muhammad Ali Alfuajara – ID 95277759398

Born: 22.3.91 in Bethlehem.

Barred from seeing counsel.

We were present only at the exchange between the defense and the investigator.


Ahmad Hani Ahmad Galaita – ID 406430876

Born: 1.1.200.

Resident of Jericho.

Barred from seeing an attorney.


In this case, too, we witnessed only the meeting between the defense and the investigator.