Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Barred (from meeting with attorney), Holding and trading of combat materiel

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting) and a visitor from France

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Lieut. Col. Menahem Lieberman

Police investigator: Zayd Katish

Defence: Maamoun Hashim, Firas Sabah


There are four cases in the docket, one of them is barred from seeing counsel.


Amar Yasir Hassan Qawasme – ID 853878015

There is agreement on 4 additional days and transference of the case to the prosecution.


Marsil Abdullah Muhammad Aata – ID 403160682

The detainee is 18.5 years old and comes from Ramallah.

He is suspected of throwing rocks and firebombs.

The investigator requests 11-day remand, the defense asks to reduce it to 8. There is an agreement between the sides.


Salah Al-Din Lutfi Abed Al-Rauf Hamad – ID 402637870

The defense asks the investigator questions while the detainee is absent from court.

The investigator requests a 15-day remand.

Hamad was arrested on 7.7.16 and on 10.7 it was decided to prevent him from meeting his lawyer.

He is suspected of military activity that has to do with weapons. The weapon was captured and examined by an expert. The defense asks if there was firing, and he is referred to the secret file. The same answer is given to a question on accomplices.


Q: How many times was he interrogated by the Shabak?

A: 6 times.

Q: Was he kept at the Russian Compound all the time?

A: The first remand hearing was at Ofer.

Q: How is his health?

A: [not clear].


Defense summation: on the 11th of the month he was interrogated for the last time. He is suspected of arms possession. The suspect does not link himself to the incident. The defense requests his release, or at least a shorted remand.

We left the court. Justice Lieberman (we later found out) approved an 8-day remand.


Muhammad Ibrahim Abed Alhadi  ID – 912066636

The investigator requests 12 additional days.

Atty. Maamoun asks the investigator: Is there progress I the investigation. Answer: Yes.

Q: Is he suspected of conspiring with another person?

A: It’s in the secret file.

Q: Throughout his interrogation he was asked about his link to the other detainee in connection with an incident in Hebron.

A: There is progress and the suspicion against him is strengthened.

Q: Is the interrogation mostly about events that took place in 2008?

A: See the secret file. The suspect provided information.

Q: Specify the suspicion against him.

A: Conspiracy to commit a crime in the recent past.

Q: He denies the allegations?

A: Yes.


Defense’ summation: At first the detainee was interrogated about another person in connection to a Hebron incident. For three days he was interrogated continuously in Ashkelon Prison. Today he was returned to the Russian Compound. He claimed that in Ashkelon the Shabak accepted that he is not connected to the other guy, he just knows him as someone working for a communication company. He has nothing to do with what the other man did.

The defense asks to release him or to shorten his remand detention.


The detainee asks to address the court. In a mixture of Hebrew and Arabic he says:

I am 34 years old, I have three children and my wife is sick. I live in Region C. I answered all the questions. They treated me brutally, cursed me and deprived me of sleep. I was made to sit on a chair for 3 days. If you release me I will report for interrogation whenever you want.


Judge’s decision: He is suspected of involvement in a terror incident in which an Israeli citizen was killed two weeks ago. The interrogator has handed the judge material detailing the charges against him.

The suspicions warrant an 8-day remand extension.