Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Barred (from meeting with attorney), Holding and trading of combat materiel

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Lieut. Col. Zvi Heilbronn

Investigator: Zaharan Halabi

Defense: Maamoun Hashim


Muhammad Daoud Suleiman – ID 854011525

The investigator requests a 11-day extension to complete the investigation. The suspect was barred from seeing counsel until the night of Sunday June 6.

This is his fifth remand extension.


Allegations: keeping and trading in weapons and combat materiel, conspiracy to commit a crime and contact with a foreign agent. Another person is implicated in the case.


We learned at the hearing that in all previous remand hearings the investigators requested much longer remand extensions, but the judges reduced them considerably.


The judge told the defense that there was significant development in the case and more developments were expected in the coming days.


A heated argument occurred between the investigator and the defense, at the end of which the latter summed up his case:

“The detainee has undergone harsh interrogations. He was arrested on 10.6. We are told there is an important development. What is it? The detainee claims that the person who incriminated him had asked him to go for a walk. At a certain point he was asked to wait. After his arrest he found out that the other person was looking for weapons. My client has no connection to weapons. He is accused of arms trading. I would like to know where he bought the weapon, where is it, how was it paid for? After 20 days of interrogations, we still don’t know. As for contact with a foreign agent: someone sent a text message to my client, but he did not even check it. The interrogators informed him that he had spoken with a foreign agent. If the investigation purports to get at the truth, there is no justification for even one day of remand extension.”


Judge’s decision:

“The investigator referred me to the pertinent clauses in the protocols. There is evidence tying the detainee to arms trading and contact with a foreign agent. The police agent showed me the material gathered so far as well as a secret file.”


The defense objected to extending the remand, arguing that there is not enough evidence and that the evidence that exists is based on the incriminator.


The judge decided that there was enough evidence to tie the suspect to the allegations. As for the foreign agent: after 3 weeks of interrogation, there is not enough evidence to support the allegation. The investigators are checking the evidence. There has been some development in the case and more is expected.

The judge extended the remand by four days.