Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Disturbances (demonstrations), Holding and trading of combat materiel

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Judge: Merav Hershkovitz

Police investigator: Malhat Aduan

Defense: Maamoun Hashim, Judd Kadmani, Hader Daibes

There are three cases in the docket.


Azram Hathem Rashid Maaruf – ID 403933017


Born on 22.1.99, resident of Ein Kiniya.

Arrested on 7.9.19 on suspicions of membership in a hostile organization and trading in combat materiel. 

He is represented by Atty. Hader Daibes.


Based on agreement between the sides, the judge extends the remand by 8 days.


Yusuf Ahmad Ali Arikat – ID 406861740

Born on 24.1.2001, resident of Azariya.


He is suspected of membership in an unlawful organization, threat to security in the region, disturbance of the peace [demonstration], throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails, damage to property, incitement against the symbols of the state, endangerment of human life.


He is represented by Attys. Judd Kadmani and Maamoun Hashim.


The police investigator requests an 8-day remand extension.

A long debate between the sides takes place.

Most of the defense’s questions are answered with “It’s in the secret report.”


Defense summation: we object to the extension. The development mentioned by the investigator has eventually yielded a statement to the police. There was probably incrimination involved.

“We believe the investigation has concluded and the case is ready to be handed over to the prosecution. We move to reduce the remand extension.”


Judge’s decision: “I examined the suspect’s admission from yesterday and the secret reports. There is evidence against the suspect. The charges warrant incarceration due to risk of endangerment.

Considering the needs of the investigations, I decided to shorten the remand to 3 days and I urge the investigators to finish by then.”


Muhammad Ali Harbi Fahed Halbiya – ID 404290389

Born on 13.4.99, resident of Abu Dis,

arrested on 30.10.19.


He is suspected of manufacturing Molotov cocktails, participation in disturbances of the peace, making and throwing explosive charges.

He is represented by Attys. Judd Kadmani and Maamoun Hashim.

The Investigator requests 8 additional days. This is the suspect’s second remand extension.


Defense summation: (based on the partial replies obtained in the case of Yusuf Ahmad Ali Arikat, who allegedly collaborated with Muhammad Ali).

The detainee has been in prison for almost a year in connection with another criminal case. A week ago, he was brought to the Russian Compound and charged with new allegations related to a certain case (secret file). He cooperated and gave a factual statement. The defense sees no point in continuing the investigation: the case should be handed over to the prosecution.


Judge’s decision: The secret reports yielded only alleged suspicions. The investigator requested 8 days. The defense asks to reduce the number of days.

The judge added, “The suspect’s partner, under investigation in the same case, is detained until Thursday (7.11.19). I expect the investigators to conclude by then.”