Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Disturbances (demonstrations), Remand Extension

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Major Sivan Omer

Police investigator: Zahran Halabi

Defense: Judd Kadmani, Maamoun Hashim


There are 2 cases in the docket.


Kamal Ibrahim Abed Halal – ID 85461059

Born: 1994, resident of Abu Dis


The investigator requests a 10-day remand extension.

There is agreement on 8 days and on transferring the case to the prosecution.


Muhammad Harabi Halabia – ID 404290389

Born:1999, resident of Abu Dis

Charge: participation in disturbances, throwing rocks and Molotov cocktail and manufacturing a pipe bomb.

Halbia was arrested on 9.12.18.

This is his third remand extension.


The investigator refers the judge to the secret file that includes info about the incident Halabia is suspected of.


Here is an exchange between investigator and defense:

Q: Are there additional suspicions?

A: The investigation is part of a broader case. All avenues of interrogation are still open. There is additional suspicion of security violation against the detainee.

Q: Is the suspicion general or specific?

A: Specific. He has not been confronted yet. It’s in the secret file. After the court hands down its decision, we’ll interrogate him about the specific charge.

Q: From when is the specific suspicion?

A: From the beginning of his arrest. It has gained substantiation since.

Q: Is it something recent?

A: No evidence yet, only an indication – it is in the secret file.

[The judge confirms the investigator’s claim]

Q: Since when is the suspicion?

A: We conduct frontal interrogations. They are all included in our reports, which Her Honor has in front of her.

Q: Why has he not been interrogated yet? What’s the reason?

A: The investigation has progressed as expected.


Defense summation:

The respondent has been in detention for 15 days.  As for the allegations, he gave a statement to the police upon his arrest and he has been subjected to lengthy interrogations. Why hasn’t he been interrogated before this hearing? He told the police all he knows; the investigation has terminated.

As you know, the conditions in jail are very harsh.


Judge’s decision:

The suspect was arrested on 9.12.18 on charges of disturbances and throwing rocks and firebombs. The secret files reveal that there are serious suspicions in the case. There has been significant development in the investigation lately.

The judge decides on an 8-day remand extension. She expressed hope that the case would soon be transferred to the prosecution.