Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Health Problems, Release on Bail

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Lieut. Col. Menahem Lieberman

Police Investigator: Zeyd  Katish

Defense: Maamoun Hashim, Fares Bidasi, Judd Kadamani


On 30.5.16 we reported on detainee Ayoub Ahmad Abira, 64 years old. Justice Lieberman ordered him released within 24 hours, and the prosecution did not object.

The detainee had to post a 10.000-shekel bond.


Today, 6.6, two cases are presented to the court.

Majed Muhammad Ali Zaduk – ID 402274872

He is represented by the present attorneys.


Atty. Maamoun Hashim’s summation:

The police investigator requests a 4-day remand extension. Zaduk was arrested on 25.5. Since his arrest he has given all the information requested of him and also made a statement to the police. He was told that the investigation is complete, yet now the investigator wants four more days! The defense objects to the extension and to the interrogation. The detainee has asthma and needs medication. It is not clear if he was able to obtain the medications from the doctor at the detention center. The defense insists on including the medication in the protocol.


Judge’s decision:

There is evidence suggesting he is dangerous. The investigation is extended by four days.


Timur Hashem Hassim Bargouti – ID 914116322

Defense: Atty. Judd Kadamani

There is agreement on extension until Thursday, then transferring the case to the prosecution.