Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Incriminators, Minors

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Lieut. Col. Fleischmann

Investigator: Ihab Abu Abid

Defense: Ma’amoun Heshim, Judd Kadmani


There are 8 cases in the docket, one of a minor. The minor was not present at the hearing.


Kassem Iman Muhamad Toebta – ID 402368807

A resident of Beit Fajer

born: 2.9.97

arrested: 21.6.18.


There is an agreement on a remand extension of 4 additional days.

Judges; decision: 4 additional days to complete the investigation. If there are no significant developments, the detainee should be released.


Kassem is suspected of participation in a shooting incident, but apparently the investigators concluded that he was merely the driver and did not know the purpose of the ride. The judge said he had some questions regarding the interrogation, but he did not receive satisfactory answers.

The detainee will probably be released.


Muhammad Naim Takatka – Id 860165042

Resident of Beit Fajer

born: 5.8.94

arrested on 21.6.18.


There is an agreement between the sides.


The judge’s summation: The detainee has linked himself to the incident where rocks were thrown.

The secret file contains evidence that warrants an 8-day extension and then transferring the case to the prosecution.


Muatasem Naim Ali Takatka – ID 402228399

Resident of Beit Fajer

born: 1.6.97.


There is agreement on 8 additional days, then transferring the case to the prosecution. 

The detainee has linked himself to incidents involving rock throwing and making firebombs.


Ahmad Gamaldin Housni Mustafa Genaim – ID 402737035

Resident of Daheishe Refugee Camp



The detainee links himself to events of rock throwing, preparing firebombs and holding arms.



Mahmoud Sami Younes Shaheen – ID 403565443

Resident of Beit Lehem

born: 6.5.98


There is an agreement: the case will go to the prosecution after 8 days of investigation.




Muhammad Ramadan Mahmoud Safi  - ID 860048347

Resident of Jelazoun

born: 24.3.95.


The investigator and the defense try to do their job but the judge keeps interrupting  them. The attorney tries to ask the investigator questions but the judge answers instead, stumping the investigator.

After some confusing comments from Judge Fleischmann, the attorney decides to sum up:

The respondent was arrested after being informed on by others. He cooperates fully with the investigators and has given a statement to the police.

We object to the remand extension. The case should go to the prosecution.


Judge’s decision: There have been some important developments in the case. The detainee has linked himself to many incidents of rock and firebomb throwing as well as shooting. The investigation should be extended.

Remand extension of 8 days.