'Azzun 'Atma, Tue 21.4.09, Morning

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Ninet B., Dina A. (reporting)

 This is our first visit to this crazy checkpoint.  One always thinks one has seen the craziest situation and then you find something even crazier. 07.20   ‘ Azzun ‘Atma We reached the checkpoint.  Next to the road are 7 people waiting for transport to work.  Within a few minutes all are on their way. They explain that the real pressure is at 05.30, when the checkpoint opens.

We cross the road and approach the checkpoint.  The soldiers are relaxed, there is no one exiting.  The woman commander explains that this checkpoint is fairly new and has been erected because Palestinians who were not permitted entry had used the place.  As we know, the village is divided into two by the road and the checkpoint.  Well, of course – there was a road and then it was decided to build a checkpoint and the road couldn’t pass into Westbank territory, so they divided the village instead!  

Many vehicles wait next to the village for workers who have gone to work in Israel. 
A teacher, who lives in an Israeli village and teaches in a school in ‘Azzun ‘Atmah, arrives. He is not allowed to pass because he has a blue ID.  Apparently he usually passes at a different place but this point is near his home.  He says that he woke late and, because the other route takes a long time, he asked to be allowed to pass here.  We also try to persuade the commander who contacts her unit – but she gets an unequivocal answer that there is no entry.
The DCO representative explains that he does not deal with Israeli Arabs.