Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Thu 23.4.09, Morning

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Zipi Z. and Mira B. (reporting)

Meytar CP: Empty of workers. Prisoners' families passing through. 

Road 60
Atniel: opposite, Israeli flags

Dhahriya: blocked. All road blocks in place. A donkey stands on the side of the road.

Opposite Shime'ah: a track with cows successfully bypasses the rubble-barrage.

Dura Alfawwar:  Open. Children running towards the cars. There is no barrier on the road. The pillbox is manned. On our way back there was a surprise road-block, immediately past the junction.

Old entrance to Hebron: a parked Hammer.

Sheep's Junction: pedestrians' barrage is much improved.

Bnei-Naim: shut with rubble and stones.

Opposite Hebron: it seems as if all blockages are open.



The "Hazon David" synagogue is active.
At the turn to the Patriarchs' Tombs' Cave: the new pillbox is manned by Border Police soldiers.

A paratroopers' reconnaissance on the Shouhada St.

The Jewish market on the Shouhada St.: the building seems to be taken over slowly but surely, even though it has no doors. One room seems to be hosting a Beit Midrash, while another seems to be a storage-room. Habitation is apparent in the attics, too. Seems worth while to keep an open eye on what happens there. Tzipi took some pictures.

Pharmacy CP: a few children pass through the magnometer.

Tarpat CP: the "instructions for tourists" signpost is still there.

Hadassah House: one detainee. Released rather swiftly.

Kasbaah CP: four detaineesinfo-icon. Released quickly.

Patriarchs' Tombs' Cave: three detainees. Border Police soldiers are hostile to us. The time is 08:20am. The "music" from the Beit Midrash starts off. Ofer (settler) arrives, we hasten to leave.

The House of Dispute: Cameras have been positioned on its roof. According to Basem, they were put up there by the army and the settlers. He says all is quiet now. Above, rolls of wire spread out. The pillbox is manned.


Roads 356 and 317

Jiff Junction: open. A signpost reading "The People of Israel is alive" (Am Yisrael Chai) is spread out below the army base.

Opposite Soussiya: a herd of fat black goats with an armed shepherd – probably from Soussiya. The rubble blocks along the road seem new and renewed.