'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Te'enim Crossing, Mon 27.4.09, Afternoon

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Bilha A. Yona A. Ziona S. Natanya translating.

The roads are almost empty and it is not clear if this is connected to the closureinfo-icon.


15.30 Before the Te'enim gate a "blue" policeman stopped us and asked
where each of us was from. Especially he questioned Hamdan about where
he lived. He said he had never heard of our organisation but he allowed
us to go on our way.

we asked to have the gate at Jubara opened one of the soldiers said he
was going to fetch the key. His friend told him to first find out if we
had a permit and to this he replied, " I know that they are permitted
to go through. There is no necessity to check." He took the key and went
to open the gate.

the post of gate 735 (the children's gate) 4 bored soldiers stood with
no work. We stopped and looked at the old checkpoint at Ar-Ras. The
road was open. Cars passed in both directions.

of Anabta.

14.20 The two sides of the road entering the checkpoint have
been widened and on the road is scattered piles of pavement stones.
Between the square and the field to the length of about 30 metres from
the checkpoint to the south a fence has been stretched and this passes
between that and the field to the east. We wonder what for.

posts are manned. An armoured army cars stands in the middle of the
entrance of the checkpoint and for about 6-7 minutes soldiers are busy
raising the flag of the brigade/unit. This causes a line of about 20
cars to form but when they have finished their job successfully the car
leaves the checkpoint and the other cars begin to move. Most of them
pass with just a wave of the hand of the soldier.  Only some cars of
Israelis are stopped.

are many Israeli cars in the parking lot. Traffic passes with no
delays, We stand at the side of the road at the foot of the wall of the
army base. Suddenly two eggs fly down from there and drop at our feet.
We were lucky that the sniper did not have a good aim and besides that
he did not have the courage to identify himself but disappeared into
the base.